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Interview: Kate Dickie (The Complex: Lockdown)

Kate Dickie is a one-of-a-kind actress. She is an actress and a producer. She took time to talk with Horrornews.net. Kate is warm and kind. I could talk to her all day and ask her questions about everything. She talks about her new film, The Complex: Lockdown where she plays Nathalie. She talks about some of her characters. She has a vast resume with so much variety. If you have watched, Peaky Blinders, Red Road, Game of Thrones, The Witch, Prometheus then you may have caught Kate playing Katherine or Ford. She took part in a zoom meeting interview. Make sure to check it out and check out, The Complex: Lockdown.

Hi Kate, how are you? I got to watch The Complex: Lockdown and it’s a great film but kind of scary how relevant it is for right now. It’s strange.

Kate- Yes, it felt strange now because we made the film last year before any covid was around. It resonates so much of what is happening now. It’s really odd.

How did you get involved with The Complex: Lockdown and why did you decide to take on the role of Nathalie?

Kate- Paul reached out to my agent and what fascinated about this was, when we found out this was also an interactive game. You got to clear out all your characters choices and then you got to see the kind of outcome from all those choices. As an actor, I found that really interesting because normally you may be flipping through choices in your head. But here it was like you get to go to this crossroad with your character each time. I found that really interesting as an actor.

Did you have to do any kind of research or anything to play Nathalie? You do such a good job and you are amazing in this role.

Kate- No, I wish I could claim wonderful research but for me, it was more about finding a character that I could play that would genuinely make the seven choices. I had to find a common ground in the character. She can’t be too extreme one way or too extreme the other way. I got so lost with it. We had the most amazing script supervisors. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was talking about.

What was it like for you working with the director Paul Raschid?

Kate- Paul is really incredible. He has this energy, this beautiful and positive energy. He’s so involved and he’s easy to connect with. He was wonderful, I would work with Paul again in a heartbeat.

The cast was wonderful. All of you did an amazing job. What was it like for you working with everyone?

Kate- The cast was beautiful; I came into it a bit later. They were welcoming and warm. Al Weaver who played Rees is genuinely really funny. We had a lot of laughs along the way. I think that’s important when you’re dealing with quite heavy stuff. I loved working with them so much.

This is an intricate and complicated film. Did you face any type of challenges while shooting the movie?

Kate- The most challenging thing was just making sure I knew exactly where I was with the script.

What do you want to say to the people who will be watching The Complex: Lockdown?

Kate- It’s hard for me to watch it as an objective audience member because, I’m caught up in Nathalie. The film is a real tale of morality and what happens to people when their put in extreme situations and what choices you make. For me, it’s more of a morality tale. I’d like people to watch it and enjoy it.

Do you think you will be doing more with this film since it is an interactive game originally and maybe a sequel?

Kate- That should be interesting. I haven’t actually thought about it but that’s interesting. I would be interested to see what happens. I’d be interested to see what happens to Amy, Michelle Mylett’s character. She is an amazing actress and Al Weaver work. The funny moments, the tender moments. I’d be interested to find out what happened before we got here and after.

You have played so many different characters and so many wonderful characters. These people that are so full of life and love. Do you have a favorite so far or do they all mean something different to you?

Kate- That’s hard. I’ve been so lucky in the fact that I played very damaged, but interesting characters. I hold them close to me. I’ll always feel a special love for Jackie in Red Road’s, which was my first feature film with Andrea Arnold. She taught me so much and I come from a theatre background. She is such an amazing woman to be directed by. I’ve been so lucky. Lysa…. For all she was hated in Game of Thrones, some people loved to hate Lysa. Oh, she was such a damaged soul and she was so sad. There’s a character called, Cathy, the film is For Those in Peril. There’s a character I played called, Karen in Couple in a Hole. It’s about a couple that living in a hole in the ground. She’s probably the saddest character I’ve ever played. And, oh Katherine in The Witch.

Oh, I loved Katherine in The Witch. I thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today. Thank you, Kate.

Kate- Thank you so much. It’s been a lovely and interesting conversation. Thank you.

Thank you.


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