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Film Review: Back up (short film) (2020)

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Hey kids! More short films for you! Today we have BACK UP, written and directed by Aaron Fradkin and Victoria Fratz. They have worked together previously on the award winning film ELECTRIC LOVE,  which won best film at the 2018 San Diego International Film Festival.

Our story begins with a young woman (played by Ms. Fratz) leaving her house to get in her car. There is a flyer on the windshield about a “stay at home” order, a flyer she removes and promptly discards.

Well, she should have taken that a little more seriously because she soon learns exactly why the order exists. And no, its not The ‘Rona. If she had bothered to read it a little more closely, she would have seen the issue.

This is a short and to the point story, with a brilliant jump scare. I can’t say a whole lot more without giving spoilers but its a fun watch.


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