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The Movie Agency Challenges You To Make A Movie For $5,000


Can you make a feature film with a budget of $5000?

Get your next work financed by TheMovieAgency.com

If you can tick all the following boxes, feel free to apply.

Have you directed a short film or/and feature film?
Can you make a feature film in English that is over 60 minutes? Foreign language films may be accepted if the plot requires it.
You must not exceed the $5000 budget.
Do you feel confident making a Horror, Thriller or SciFi feature film?

To apply, email: themovieagency@gmail.com including a link to your latest short film or feature film. If you have made a feature film, you can either send the full movie through a private screener or just the trailer. Do not send files.

We will contact you only if you are pre-selected.

Applications are closing on November1st, 2020.

Pre-selected candidates will be contacted in November.

The filmmaker of our choice will be announced on December 1st.

So what is all about?

TheMovieAgency.com will finance a $5000 feature film that needs to be over 60 minutes and in English. This feature film would have to be completed and ready within 3 months and must be in one of the following genres: Horror, Thriller or SciFi.

You can either work with one of your own screenplays or ask for us to provide one. If we send you the script, the screenplay will likely need to be adapted to the budget. A choice of screenplays will be sent to you and may require a larger budget to be made. Your task will be then to rewrite the script so it can fit the $5000 budget.

The final draft of the screenplay will need to be submitted and approved by us.

Your mission will be to deliver the final cut of the feature film and trailer with English closed captions.

The film must be fully edited and ready to be marketed and sold.

The total budget to make this film includes all stages of production (Development, pre-production, production, post-production).

You will be in charge of sourcing equipment, material, locations and hiring your own actors and crew, all within this $5000 budget.

Cinematography and sound team will need to be introduced to us and get approved by us before getting hired.

Once the movie is ready, TheMovieAgency.com will market and try selling the film internationally.

Once we recouped 100% of our initial investment (USD5000) and marketing cost (capped to $5000), we will split the Net revenue share with you: 50/50.

You will receive a producer and director credit.

TheMovieAgency.com has several years experience in sales and we represent our titles to international film markets: Cannes, Berlin, AFM…

The $5000 marketing may be used to create key artwork, advertise the film and will gradually be deducted from sales.

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