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Home | Dark Matter TV hits the Bulls Eye; Strikes Deal with Arrow Video

Dark Matter TV hits the Bulls Eye; Strikes Deal with Arrow Video

Dark Matter TV hits the Bulls Eye; Strikes Deal with Arrow Video

Creepy times call for more creepy content.

Dark Matter TV – the destination for horror, sci-fi, action and true crime entertainment – has joined forces with Arrow Video.

The ad-supported video service, Dark Matter TV, has partnered with Arrow Video, a well-known independent entertainment distribution company, noted for their restoration of classic, cult and horror films.

“Arrow Video is truly a provider of amazing genre content, from horror cult classics, to J-horror, to the spaghetti Westerns and Exploitation. We are incredibly excited to be partnering up with such a great team!” said senior programmer and co-founder, Daisy Hamilton.

Dark Matter TV will stream Arrow’s classic horrors, like Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes (1977), Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator (1985) and George A. Romero’s Season of the Witch (1972). Arrow Video’s library also includes popular J-horror, or Japanese horror, titles, including Hideo Nakata’s horror/mystery Ringu (1998) and several features from director Takashi Miike, like the trilogy series, One Missed Call (2003), Dead or Alive (1999), The Happiness of the Katakuris (2001) and Audition (1999).

Dark Matter TV will also feature the best of Arrow Video’s spaghetti Westerns, like Duccio Tessari’s A Pistol from Ringo (aka ‘Ballad of Death Valley’, 1965) and Giuliano Carnimeo’s I am Sartana, Your Angel of Death (1969).

Dedicated to bringing highly sought classic and cult horrors to your home for free, join the dark side by downloading the Dark Matter TV app on any smart device here on the app store, on Google Play or by visiting: http://www.darkmattertv.com.

Containing over +500 titles of the best curated horror, sci-fi, action and true crime entertainment, the Dark Matter TV app is available on smart phones, tablets, OTT devices, connected television and desktops like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple iOS, Android, Google Play, Samsung and LG – and has also launched onto Vizio – a leading HDTV brand in America.

Follow Dark Matter TV on Twitter @TVDarkMatter (https://twitter.com/TvDarkmatter), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DarkMatterTV/) and Instagram (@DarkMatterFreeTVapp). Please contact Dark Matter TV at info@tricoasttv.com for more information.

About Arrow Video: Arrow Video is a leading independent entertainment distribution company, established in 1991. Operating in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, United States of America and Canada, Arrow Video is dedicated to supporting upcoming and established filmmakers of dynamic new cinema and developing an enviable slate of quality films that enjoy a lasting legacy across its award-winning branded labels, channels, and platforms. Arrow Video is widely considered to be the global market leader in the Premium Home Entertainment market, fuelled by passionate and expert curation, aligned with state of the art in-house film restoration – resulting in highly sought after bespoke Blu-ray editions of classic, cult and horror films, across its Arrow Video and Arrow Academy branded labels. Visit: https://www.arrowvideo.com/. Connect with Arrow Video on Twitter: @ArrowFilmsVideo (https://twitter.com/ArrowFilmsVideo), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ArrowVideo/) and Instagram: @ArrowVideo.

About Dark Matter TV: Dark Matter TV is an A-VOD app and Linear TV channel launched in the U.S.A October 31st 2019, and soon to be worldwide on cellphones, desktops, tablets and connected TVs. Founded in 2019 by TriCoast TV owners Daisy Hamilton, Marcy Levitas Hamilton and Strathford Hamilton, Dark Matter TV features science fiction, horror, true crime and action themed content that is expertly curated by our staff, TV and film directors and festival Programmers. Dark Matter TV’s operations are based at TriCoast Studios in Culver City, CA, United States. Official app page: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1474261935

About TriCoast TV: TriCoast TV is a premium provider of genre content for fans worldwide. The company is also located at the TriCoast Studio facility in Culver City, Los Angeles. For more information, please visit: https://www.TriCoastTV.com

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