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Announcing Puppet Master Trading Cards

Attic Card Company is proud to announce the acquisition of the license to produce trading cards based on Full Moon Entertainment properties. As a longtime fan of their films, dating back to my teenage years cruising the rows at Blockbuster, I am absolutely thrilled to continue the legacy of such films as Puppet Master and Demonic Toys by bringing modern trends in trading cards, such as Sketch, Autograph, and Metals featuring these characters.

The first phase of Full Moon releases will involve three card sets: Puppet Master (based on the first film), Full Moon Features (featuring icons from across the Full Moon Universe), and Demonic Toys (based on the first film). Each of these sets will feature sketch cards, the dedicated film sets will also include autographs, base cards with parallels, and lenticular 3D images.

The first set, Puppet Master, is schedule to release in October 2020. Sign up for the newsletter at www.attic-cards.com/signup to receive future updates. Questions can be directed to Jeremy@attic-cards.com

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