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Sad News for Fans of Hatchet in Canada

News has broken that Hatchet II has been pulled out of theaters in Canada due to it’s unrated nature. In Canada theaters can face a fine for airing an unrated film so our neighbors to the north will be missing out on a highly anticipated sequel. Adam Green had this to say “ “For those asking, yes Montreal and Toronto have apparently pulled Hatchet II due to confusion on the non-rating. But please don’t blame the cinemas. It’s not their fault that they could be fined for playing an unrated film. Thank them for trying! But this is why we need CHANGE! USA fans, please buy tickets to Hatchet II and support unrated original horror. Every ticket counts! All love.”

He is right of course. We all have to do what we can to continue to support original, unrated horror or else we risk sending the message that only remakes, and PG-13 horror is profitable. I don’t know about all of you but that’s a message that makes me sick. Go out and see Hatchet II ASAP so that we can let everyone know that good horror is always a good bet.

Source: dreadcentral.com

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