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Film Review: A Nun’s Curse (2020)

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“On a weekend trip, a group of friends are forced to seek shelter inside an abandoned prison where a nun named Sister Monday had once been assigned. During her time at the prison, Sister Monday was suspected of killing prisoners who were serving out their sentences but before she could be questioned, she disappeared. Once inside the prison, they will learn the terrifying truth.”


I was excited for this film. Tommy Faircloth wears many hats. Writer, director, producer, editing, sound, actor. What doesn’t he do? He delivered some great films including, Family Possession, Dollface, Generation Ax. A Nun’s Curse is a fun movie that takes us back to a good slasher film. Tommy Faircloth put together a great cast with a wild twist at the end of the movie. Tommy is also one of the founders of the Crimson Screen Horror film festival.

Directed and written by, Tommy Faircloth (Dollface, The Cabin). A Nuns Curse stars Felissa Rose as Sister Monday (Oh boy, wait till you see her.), Damian Maffei (Haunt), Gunner Willis, Kristi Ray, Jason Vail, Erika Edwards playing Ashley.

Okay, so let’s watch this movie shall we. (Instant trauma… Flashbacks to Catholic school. I got in trouble on my first day of Catholic school. It’s a long story.)

The movie starts off with young Ashley (Ashley-Kae Luker) telling a story about a nun that scared her to death. (I can relate) She is hiding under the covers and the camera pans to pictures she drew of this hideous nun.

We flash ahead to Ashley and her friends, Anthony (Damian Maffei), Michael (Gunner Willis), Gabby (Kristi Ray).

Ashley is wandering around some kind of abandoned place and taking photos. Old Horse Creek Church used to be a convent… (RUN, don’t stay! I should keep my comments to myself.) Ashley tells the story of Sister Monday and OHHH, it just so happens the prison where Sister Monday was at is “right through those woods.” (I love a good scare but you don’t go looking for it. I shouldn’t talk because I was just at an investigation in A JAIL!)

Gabby and Ashley are super cheerful. They have great sister banter throughout the film. It’s going to get dark soon! Wait, Anthony points that out. He is way ahead of me. They found the “jail.” Sister Monday was suspected of killing prisoners in the jail. Sister Monday disappeared and “vanished without a trace.”

They split up, naturally. Michael and Ashley roaming around and Gabby and Anthony together. The building looks creepy enough. Michael is SUPER JUMPY! Ashley sees someone walk past the cell they are all in and she goes and follows whatever she saw. It could be one of the prisoners, a nun? Who knows? Sister Monday played with ferocious wrath by Felissa Rose makes her appearance. Michael James Daly plays a prisoner and he receives communion from Sister Monday and a death sentence.

Gabby and Anthony are chilling, they seem unbothered. The banter between the sisters reveals a secret. Michael says, it’s not a great idea to split up. Ashley wants to explore. Ashley heads into a cell and gets out her camera, my mind instantly went to Candyman (1992) and Virginia Madsen taking photos for her research on the Candyman and Cabrini Green. It didn’t go to well for Helen Lyle.

Tommy Faircloth does a good job with the shots, the effects and the simple yet effective creepy things that may be lurking about in the jail. This movie is fun and it’s even better watching it with a bunch of friends…. Except, well… the quarantine is in effect. You can still watch movies together via Facetime or Google Hangouts. The digital world and social media may not always be filled with “sunshine and rainbows” but, it is a way to escape from the real horrors of the world.

Ashley begins to tell Michael this Sister Monday horror story. (Don’t open the closet door. Why? Why do they do this? I know, it’s a movie…. I’ll see myself out.) Ashley has a fascination with history. This is understandable. You want to learn about things (A side note, I was recently on an investigation in a jail and it got really weird, the later it got and it was hot in some places and then cold. This was a fascinating movie and subject to take on.)

A Nun’s Curse shares some of Sister Monday’s brutal kills. We are reminded why Felissa Rose is a LEGEND. Michael gets locked in a cell in THE DARK! (Wait, flashbacks again.)

The fact that Faircloth focuses on each character is good. He gives each one of these people a story and situations to work with. Gabby sees something. (Don’t follow it! They never listen.) Sister Monday is making her rounds. The special effects are something else in this movie. They did good. Oh, teeth scenes, oh no. The special effects are great.

Sister Monday is naughty. Ashley took off on her own as Michael decided to take a nap. Anthony is wandering around now. (They should get out of here but what do I know.)

The cast does a great job. Felissa Rose has portrayed so many different characters. She shines through portraying this sinister nun. It was great to see Damian Maffei’s face, his character Anthony brings some much-needed humor. Erika Edawards does a good job. She plays a tormented Ashley with empathy and has a comeback for everything. Kristi Ray is the snarky sister who gives Erika’s character a hard time.

Felissa takes Sister Monday to another level of creepy when she is in the make-up. Now, we find Ashley is in all sorts of trouble. A Nun’s Curse has quite the twist to it. Tommy Faircloth did an excellent job with this film and what a twist. Make sure to check out A Nun’s Curse.



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