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Interview: Yan Birch (Agramon’s Gate)

“From writer/director Harley Wallen, and featuring genre icons Laurene Landon (Maniac Cop) and Yan Birch (The People Under The Stairs), Agramon’s Gate premieres On Demand February 11.

A psychic reader and Medium is invited to a party. Something goes very wrong and something comes over from the other side to haunt the people from the party. They must solve the mystery before it’s too late. Agramon will not be easy to stop.

Also starring Kris Reilly, Calhoun Koenig, Harley Wallen and Kaiti Wallen, Agramon’s Gate will be available on digital platforms 2/11 from Midnight Releasing.”

Yan Birch is one of the most versatile character actors of all-time. He has appeared in The People Under the Stairs, Eternal Code, Terror Tales, The Young and the Restless, Bless the Child and much more. His work on television and film is memorable. Each character he portrays becomes a new, unique person in the films so many of us love. Yan Birch was kind enough to chat with Horrornews.net about his new film, Agramon’s Gate.

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Hello Yan, thank you for taking the time to do an interview with Horrornews.net.

Yan- It’s my pleasure. Thank you for having me.

How did you get involved with Agramon’s Gate and why did you decide to play Carter?

Yan- I had done 2 other films with Director Harley Wallen and we worked well together. Harley called me and said he had this Horror script that he would love for me to read and consider. I read it and told Harley I believed he had something really special here… This could be the “sleeper hit” of the year. The screenplay is based on FEAR and reminded me of Hitchcock and films like “The Shining”, not much blood and gore, and you never know what’s happening around the next corner. A perfect date movie!!! The role of Carter really appealed to me because he monopolized the strength of the story.

What was it like working with the director Harley Wallen?

Yan-This is my third film with Harley and we have a really good working relationship that has grown into a great friendship. I think the reason we work so well together is because we trust in each other’s ability to guide and deliver what works best for the screen. Harley is a really great “Actors” Director and he gives his Actors a lot of freedom within the perimeters of the story he wants to tell. He’s very comfortable to work with.

You have portrayed some legendary characters so far. Do you have a favorite so far or do they all mean something different to you?

Yan-All the characters I have played mean something different to me and I feel close to most of them. That said I have to say that playing “The Stairmaster” in The People Under The Stairs with legendary Director and good friend Wes Craven, God Bless his Soul, is still my absolute favorite.

Did you have to do anything special to prepare to play Carter?

Yan- I had multiple conversations with Harley about how he wanted the character to form. I also had long conversations with Kris, who is playing my son, to get to know him a little more and get a feel for who I was as his father; then of course it’s really Agramon that takes the shape of Carter so I had to slip into that darker place to express on screen the demon I was actually portraying.

What was it like for you working with this cast on Agramon’s Gate?

Yan- Everyone was amazing. Beautiful legendary Laurene Landon was absolutely fantastic and we had some fun playing off each other. All the other lead cast members were so good and patient and prepared. That’s what you get working with Harley, he is very careful on how he casts his films. Quality all around.

What projects are you working on next?

Yan- I am doing a fun part in a TV series by Harley called: “Tale of Tails”, I am looking forward to that one. Then in April I am going back to shoot another film with Harley called “Beneath Us All” where I get to play a Viking Vampire!!! That will be the highlight of my spring; it’s a really good script and a great spin on the older vampire stories we have seen. So, Harley is keeping me busy the first half of this year!!! I am in talks with several other Projects and locking in dates as we speak, but I can’t mention anything about them yet. BIG SECRET!!

 What do you want to say to the fans that will be watching Agramon’s Gate?

Yan- It’s a great film that’s based on FEAR, the more scared you are the stronger the demon gets. Going back to more of the feel of classic horror films by masters like Kubrick and Hitchcock. You will enjoy it!!!

Thank you so much. You are so talented and you did such an incredible job in this movie as always. Thank you so much for taking the time to do an interview with Horrornews.net.

Yan- Again, this was my pleasure. I really enjoy your publication and love to reach fans through Horrornews.Net. Thank You!!!

Yan Birch IMDB https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0083300/

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