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Home | Film Review: Satan’s Little Helper (2004) – Review 2

Film Review: Satan’s Little Helper (2004) – Review 2


A lonely little boy seeks out Satan from a video game and unwittingly becomes a serial killer’s helper on Halloween night.


(This contains spoilers) Director Jeff Lieberman has produced horror comedy that many say lies just outside the norm. For that reason, he has my respect. He’s shared in interviews many times that he got the idea for his film at a birthday party where he didn’t recognize one guest in a mask and it freaked hi out. “Satan’s Little Helper” watches more like a late-night tv special from the 90’s than a cinematic film. Still, that doesn’t prevent it from being shocking and titillating and frankly, a wild experience of horror. This is an offbeat B-movie with a smokin’ hot babe (Katheryn Winnick), a somewhat recognizable star (Amanda Plummer) and the devil himself.  Because it never tries to be 100% serious, it is an enjoyable slasher trip through Halloween night. Amanda Plummer is in “Pulp Fiction” and “The Fisher King,” just to name a few. She is the closest thing to a big star of the film’s time (2004).

The babe, Amanda Plummer has been in many sexy horror and other genre titles. Most recently she is known as being on the show “Vikings.” Let’s just say, she’s busting out all over …

Besides the archetypical beautiful older sister, this film has what many slashers have: a scary killer. While this film is certainly part comedy, its director did an awesome job of picking a mask. Its sharp chin draws you in and repels you at the same time. I wasn’t scared of this film at all before watching it but when I watched a preview where the masked “Satan” came into a closeup on the scream. I never get scared but I have to admit, I jumped a bit! There are jump scare moments in this horror/comedy for horror fans to enjoy. At the same time it isn’t play by play scary which allows an enjoyable comedy experience of the ridiculous. Don’t we all love a little ridiculous in our horror? I know I do.

After the young boy joins up with “Satan,” we travel with them to the grocery store, the 99 cent store, the alleyways, and a few other visually appealing places where these two characters are developed. A good word for this silly horor film is “Journey.” I might even call it a journey through a very dark amusement ride.

It’s very interesting when “Jesus” enters the frame. There is a lot of confusion (at least there was with me) who he is under the mask and if he is meant to counter the scary evil figure of Satan. I wondered if the Jesus character would be the boy’s salvation. There is a very weak joke about “born again.” But it all fits in this wacky movie.

This movie will probably not appeal to everyone but I for one enjoyed it. There is some lame writing (like when Satan shoots himself in the hand and we see Jesus later with a bloody). Don’t think it profound though, it isn’t meant that way. It is unorthodox, disgusting, sexy, gory, and slapstick. It teases depth but always comes back to that late night horror tv genre. I used to watch a show called “Night Flight” in the 80’s that had these on every show. People may recall “Elvira” and her laugh-a-minute horror/comedy skits. If you know these, you’ll know “Satan’s Little Helper.”

To close, I hope more fun horror like this is made. I can switch off my reasoning and critical brain and enjoy the dark scary ride on the “boulevard carnival.” One place you might find that is Balboa Island in California or Coney Island on the East Coast. I question some of the casting, after all is it really necessary to but a “star” in a B movie? maybe not but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt. Like I said, it’s no perfect horror film but there are more scenes to enjoy than to not. I gave this film a 6/10.