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Film Review: Teacher Shortage (2020)


What is supposed to be an educational and collaborative weekend professional development session for the English Department of Prescott High School instead turns in to a blood soaked nightmare when a masked killer targets them.


So back in 2018 I reviewed a movie called, “Stirring”… it was later changed to Mrs. Claus. I gave a pretty raving review of that one. Well hold on to your hats everyone… cause this one is even better!

Writer/Director Troy Escamilla makes his 3rd feature film. He produced with his cinematographer and editor Derek Huey. These two have collaborated on all 3 of the slasher films they’ve done together. This one is very much in the same style as Mrs. Claus.

The teachers at Prescott High School (wondering if this is a reference to Sydney Prescott from the Scream movie) are dying one by one by a masked serial killer. The beauty is they don’t even realize it til they are the next to go which I think is a very interesting way to go about it. There’s no time for bickering or annoying characters to say “Lets split up” cause they just do this naturally.

The film and tone goes from very Friday the 13th like to Giallo. Whenever the kills are about to happen the lighting goes completely red. I really enjoyed that.

With a stellar cast that includes Brinke Stevens, Debra Lamb, Tamara Glynn, Julie Anne Prescott, Kaylee Williams, Chris Jehnert, Roger Conners, David E. McMahon, Mel Heflin, Samantha Marie, Michael Tula, and many others. This was of course a knock out of the park for that talent right there.

My favorite thing about this movie is that there is a social commentary on the way teachers and students are these days. They even have a staff meeting where they discuss what they are going to do to better the students lives. I loved it because it was refreshing to see a slasher set in high school that seemed to be directed to what’s wrong with the school system.

The Special FX and gore in this movie is amazing. If you like your slashers bloody… just get ready for this one!

My only complaint with the film is that it felt like it ended too abruptly. And it didn’t feel completely hashed out as to why it ended the way it did. No spoilers here since it just got released. I may do another review with spoilers in a few months for my You Tube Channel Indie Film Cafe.

However this movie from start to finish not only kept my interest but it also entertained me and got me invested in the characters. All the cast did a phenomenal job. And I was highly impressed with a few actors I had never watched before. I highly recommend Teacher Shortage. If you are a fan of Slashers, Troy’s other films, and Giallo movies you will absolutely love this one. This team just keeps getting better and better!


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