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Top 10 Student Horror Movies for Thrill-Seekers

Horror movies are not always a pure invention. Pictures of this genre can be based on terrifying legends, stories about the “bloody” events of the past. Often, the main characters in horror movies are ghosts, zombies, and other otherworldly creatures. Want to get an adrenaline rush without any risks? If you’re a fan of horror movies, check the top-rated list below that was gathered by a team of professional writers from ProHighGrades and EditProofRead. It contains popular horror films, which thrill-seekers are strongly recommended to watch at home better when it’s dark at night or during Halloween celebration.

Case 39

A nominee and winner of the Oscar, Renee Zellweger performs in an unusual role. In the world-known horror film of the German director, author of Antibodies and Pandorum, Christian Alvart, she plays a woman fighting demons. However, her heroine does not destroy evil spirits in batches. Her case is much more subtle, as evil lies beneath the guise of an innocent little girl manipulating her mind. Trying to drown out thoughts of a long-standing misfortune, she seeks to help every child whose work falls into her eyes. As soon as she copes with thirty-eight, she takes up the thirty-ninth case, learning: the little girl Lilith Sullivan is afraid of death at the hands of her parents. But sheltered by an innocent creature, Emily realizes: her parents did not just want to burn this child in the oven.


The main characters of this movie are four friends from the United States, who go to a wedding in England. On the road, the girls have an accident in which they knock a person to death. They decide to hide the corpse in the forest, where they discover the house in which Miss Perkins lives, who promises to look after them until help arrives. Girls decide to stay overnight. Friends don’t know: evil lurks in the attic above them, waiting for them to be left alone.

The Cabin in the Woods

It is worth noting: the movie won an unprecedented love of media critics. The plot begins quite corny, introducing us to a group of abusive students who decided to relax in a half-abandoned hut in the forest. The guys go on a trip, but the further development of events can surprise even the most experienced connoisseur of horror films. Under the guise of the same hut in the forest, a whole secret laboratory was disguised, whose employees are called upon to play standard stories with monsters and students every year to get the blood of those killed for the ancient rite.

Blair Witch

The continuation of the cult horror movie that appeared on the screen in 1999. It’s about documentary students investigating the ominous legend of the witch from Blair and completely disappeared in her “possessions”. After 20 years, new daredevils go to the same forest in search of answers to old questions. James, the younger brother of Heather, the heroine of the first part of the horror, constantly thinks about the history of the witch from Blair and looks for new details about the damned forest.

Escape Room

It’s a scary story about a group of friends who signed up for a quest in reality. This is fashionable entertainment for a small company, which is locked in a room full of puzzles, and given an hour to solve them and thus open the door. This time, the organizers did their best – they filled the room with an atmosphere of mystery and ancient mysticism, dragging mountains of strange trash from antique shops. No one could know: behind a rude wooden casket dusting at some flea market, a trace of a terrible curse stretches.

The Demented

A company of six best friends goes to the country house of one of them to spend a wonderful vacation. Sun, pool, and party all the time – what could be better? But at some point, a chic vacation is interrupted by an urgent message: biological weapons have been used in a neighboring city.


It’s an original horror movie about five unpredictable nightmares, which happened near one deserted highway. Monsters and Satanists, streams of blood, and tearing horror await the heroes who are trapped in this hell – and not without reason. How are they related to everything that is happening?


A certain gentleman travels around the country and buys houses that keep the secrets of terrible crimes and fatal accidents. What is he and what goals does he have? Want to know what this means? Watch the movie to see how journalist Julia will find answers to these questions.

The Forest 

Aokigahara Japanese National Park is an endless forest. Despite its stunning natural beauty, it is notorious. It is known as a forest of suicides. They say: spirits live here, which pushes people to commit suicide.


The movie tells about the cardinal changes in the lives of ordinary children Jimmy and Ellie, who by chance turned out to be endowed with strange superpowers. After a brother and sister hit an incomprehensible, strange animal in a car late at night, they were no longer destined to be the same.

Hope you’ll find the horror movie able to make you scared and allowing to get the desired portion of adrenaline!

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