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Why Slasher 2.0 Is a Game Changer

I’ve been covering this industry for over 10 years now and I have never seen the horror community take to something so quickly and so passionately. I’m not a profit but when I heard about The Slasher App at the beginning of the year, I just knew it was going to be something special. When Slasher officially launched in June the buzz surrounding the App was amazing. What’s going on right now with this second phase has even exceeded my expectations. Fans are speaking out, “The future of horror as we know it is all about to change”.

Slasher 2.0 Now Available for iPhone and Android

Here’s how I see it.  We are approaching the dawn of the brand new decade.   It’s time for a change within the industry, as a lot of the old horror concepts have become stale and unappealing to the casual horror fan.   We sometimes look within the industry itself for the catalyst that inspires change.  However, what if the change we are looking for isn’t a specific director, or production company but instead it’s technology.   Horror is evolving and all the answers aren’t necessarily  on the big screen anymore.   Perhaps take your eyes off the big screen and look down at the little screen, and you will find the answer to all your questions – Slasher 2.0 / The Social Network App for Horror! 


The Slasher App captures all of the convenience of social media with a focus on the horror community, OUR community.

It offers independent artists and filmmakers, like myself, an unprecedented amount of access to our community without fighting through the mess of content on most social media networks.

It puts horror at the forefront like no other network out there.” – James Lamond

“I couldn’t be more proud of the Slasher 2.0 update. Our horror community is a very nice group and it’s fantastic to finally have an app that brings us all together. The masses have Facebook and us, we have The Slasher App. I love the chat feature as well as the group forums. Lots of activity there.  Kudos to everyone involved in making the Slasher App a reality for those of us that chase after the things that go bump in the night.” – Wayne Townsend

“Slasher 2.0 changed everything. It’s now so easy to connect to other members of the horror community and I personally have over 370 friends on Slasher. This has been a god send in my opinion, never has it been easier to have conversations solely dedicated to horror. I’ve met amazing mind blowing cosplay people, fascinating podcasters, fantastic Independent Filmmakers and just overall awesome people. I am amazed everyday by the horror movie recommendations (plus ones to avoid) of hidden gems that I’ve missed. But honestly the best part of being a member of the Slasher world is I’ve yet to encounter a single troll or a hateful personal comment. This app truly is a community where everyone is respectful towards one and other. I’m sorry did I say community?? No that’s the wrong definition. It’s more like being a part of a family, we might be a bit more twisted and terrifying then most families but hey Even the Sawyer family loved each other.. and chainsaws man did they loved chainsaws.” – Craig Layton

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