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SLASHER – Social Network App Connecting the Horror Community

For Immediate Release:

Slasher is coming to Android and iOS devices this May. For the first time ever, the horror community will be able to connect in unique and exciting ways. This NEW social network will bring an all inclusive horror experience right to the palm of your hand. Horror fans should expect the unexpected in features that haven’t been available within the community until now.

“Slasher was created as something I personally wanted in the horror community.
It’s easy to find news and discussion groups on other social networks, but it’s very
segmented. You don’t get the complete experience that you might find at a
convention – with movies, cosplay, books, podcasts, art, music, and vendors all in
one place. I wanted Slasher to have that awesome convention vibe. It’s important
to me to bring everyone closer together and create something that helps us make
connections that are meaningful to us. I thought it should be easier to share the
things we love, make connections in ways that we haven’t been presented with
before, and have a great time without all the everyday noise that many of us are
happier without. While I have a very thorough plan for adding features to Slasher,
we will be launching a simple, but impactful set of features with Phase 1. Actually,
the way I’ve decided to launch might surprise some. Phase 2 will be coming very
soon after.” – Founder, Damon Della Greca

For more information:
Damon Della Greca
Web: http://www.slasher.tv
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theslasherapp
Instagram: @TheSlasherApp
Twitter: @TheSlasherApp

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