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Film Review: Fever (Short film) (2018)

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A dark supernatural presence stalks a little girl and her skeptical mother.


More short films, kiddies! Today we have FEVER, written and directed by Brian Rosenthal.

Poor little Emmy (Lani Lum) has come down with quite a flu. She has a super high fever and needs to see the doctor. Her mom (Amy Hoerler) tells her not to worry, that she had many high fevers as a child, and they would visit the doctor in the morning to get Emmy all fixed up.

But Emmy has been seeing things, hallucinations in the dark because of her fever. At least, that’s what her mom tells her, that its just her imagination.

Of course it is, honey.

This film is making the rounds on the festival circuit right now. If you get a chance to see it, definitely see it. A straight forward nightmare, a simple scary story to tell in the dark, and it hits all the key points to be entertaining. Lighting, sound, music, acting, it’s atmospherically perfect.

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  1. This looks like just the thing for all late night date
    Can’t wait to see Amy Hoerler on the screen again


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