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Film Review: Slaughterhouse: House of Whores 2.5 (2017)

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The Clowns are back and this time its serious. While parked outside of Booties Bar and Grill in a stolen RV, our loveable Clowns witness the owner of Booties, Dick Dickerson as he sexually assaults one of his employees in his car. After Dick decides to push his side chick out of the car door and speed off, the Clowns abduct the girl and follow Dick home. Once at the Dickerson residence the fireworks really begin as Slasho, Shago and Smasho stage another notorious home invasion where they exact their own brand of “Justice “.


The thing about franchises is, it’s rare you’ll ever be able to top the first installment…but it’s not unheard of. Scream is easily better than Scream 2, and the first Candyman is considered the best of the series, but Friday the 13th 2 and A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 have strong cult followings that are hard to ignore. However, it’s hardly debatable that part 3 of the franchise is almost always the weird one, the installment where the filmmakers seem to go a little crazy: Halloween 3 has no Michael Myers, we meet the Dream Warriors in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, The Howling 3 brings in were-marsupials, both Jaws and Jason go 3-D in their third chapters, and Return of the Living Dead, after essentially repeating itself in part 2, adds Mindy Clarke to the lineup in part 3 and brings conflicting emotions to pubescent boys across the globe. When it came to the third episode of House of Whores, however, rather than sending their killer clowns to space, or back in time, or revealing some ridiculous new plot point that would throw the entire world into turmoil, the HM&M folks decided to completely forgo a “part 3” and instead just ramp up the sex and violence, entitling the next film Slaughterhouse: House of Whores 2.5.

With Daniel Murphy rocking the director’s (and editor’s) chair solo this time, and Tom Komisar handling the writing duties, House of Whores 2.5 might just be the most straight-forward movie of the trilogy. We open the film by joining our old friends Slasho (Komisar), Shago (Murphy), and Smasho (played this time around by actor/effects man, Harry McCane; he was an extra in both Headless and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and his effects work can be seen in many of the HM&M films as well as Don’t F*ck in the Woods and Kill Dolly Kill) while they sit in an RV outside a Hooters-style restaurant called Booties. They set their video camera to REC as Dick Dickerson (Stan Traylor), manager of the establishment, gets it on with co-worker Tiffani (Courtney Clark) in his car for all of 48 seconds. The clowns grab Tiffani, then meet up with Skanko (Lindsey McIntire) and a newcomer to the series, Heavenly Holly (Ember Burns, who was kind enough to talk with HNN in our Flowers 2 coverage), over at Dick’s house, where they delve into the familiar territory of tormenting and torturing a group of victims. But be prepared: in this third installment of the franchise, the filmmakers turned everything up beyond 11.

The blood and guts in Slaughterhouse: House of Whores 2.5 easily live up to what you’d expect from a movie of that title, as does the “sex.” Penises are sliced off and ground to bits with glee, while an orgasm ray takes away inhibitions at the most inopportune times. New holes are made in bodies, then phallically penetrated. Skanko’s laser tits even make their violent return. There are moments in this film reminiscent of Man Bites Dog (the clowns brought along a camera operator named Tony [Tony Walters] this time) and even the work of Andreas Bethmann (purveyor of German sex-sleaze at its “finest”).

Why the clowns have it in for this family is hard to say, but Dick, along with his wife, Deena (Eden Flesh), his son, Dicky Jr. (Jake Maxwell Chester), Dicky Jr’s girlfriend, Violet (Sam Morris), a couple little kids (they won’t kill the youngsters, right?), and even their nosy neighbor, Marty (Cameron Scott), all find themselves in a psycho-sexual nightmare with killer clowns, killer cyborgs, and killer playthings (Holly is transported around in a cage). Hell, even Nurse Hatchet’s appearance here – her usual intermission as well as a good 20 or so minutes to close out the film – is more violent than usual, with lots more blood on her nude body and even a taste of the necrophilia.

To get the full story, you’re going to want to check out all three House of Whores films. However, if you can’t be bothered to support indie horror, or have so many more important things to do than enjoy three films, Slaughterhouse: House of Whores 2.5 is probably the choice for you. There are fewer “gags” along the way – goofy, cartoonish effects and silent film set-ups are still there, but not as prominent as in the first couple films – and the sadism and sex and violence are far more extreme in this last installment of the series. This isn’t a film for everyone, and will no doubt offend and disgust the more sensitive viewer. But if you loved the first two films, or just love tongue-in-cheek slashers, this is the film for you. And fear not…if you’ve kept up with the House of Whores movies, and wish there was more, word on the street says there’s a movie called Sweet Little Holly coming down the pipeline in the near future.

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