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Film Review: Regoregitated Sacrifice (2008)

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A girl with disturbing hallucinations continues her downward spiral into hell. Not for the faint of heart.


Written by: Lucifer Valentine
Directed by: Lucifer Valentine
Starring: Ameara Lavey, The Black Angels of Hell, Isabelle Styles, Honey, Amy Lee, J.J., Belle, Cinderella Valentine and Hank Skinny

Hell-o, vomit mongers and Kurt Co-BANG! Fans. Here, we have the second installment of Lucifer Valentine’s self proclaimed genre, VOMIT GORE. Part one was entitled Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. Here, we have the just as sick and puke filled sequel. Get your barf bags ready, it’s Lucifer Valentine’s Regorgitated Sacrifice.

Before watching this , you need to see the first installment to know what your about to get yourself into. It’s a bloody, messy ride. This film boarders on the fine line of Horror and P*rn. One thing is for sure, the ladies in the sequel are much more attractive than the original. Even Ameara looks better in this sequel. One thing I thought was quite interesting is the continuation of her (actual) home video as a child. In Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, we saw cuts of her singing I think we’re alone now. This one shows her during the same footage, but she isn’t singing.

Honestly, the journey of both films are hard to follow, unless you read something on the film to get an idea of what it’s about. They are pretty much cut together scenes of lesbianism, cutting, choking, hacking, gouging and most of all… vomiting. While the plot is somewhat hard to follow (and swallow), the visuals make you either want to watch in mesmerizing sickness or turn your head completely. I, myself love the gore. The special effects are awesome. The continuous mounds of vomit straight from the guttural tap is another story.

The acting is decent, if you look at it as acting. Some may not perceive it as such. Some of it seems winged and unscripted as they go along. All the same, it’s still a sick ride. If anything is worthy of critical acclaim, it’s the Special Effects. They are masterful. Everything else… is so-so. With that being stated, The Gore Score is quite high and well done. There are the twins that cut their heads apart with a butcher knife while in a solid white room. It’s hard to tell if Lucifer was going for an artsy look, or just something white to smear the gore upon and make it stand out. It’s just the factor that there is really a hard plot to follow. Lucifer has had some of the same treatment as other film makers with an extreme edge. He seems to be slaughtered himself on message boards throughout the Horror community. A few years ago, there was a battle on the net. I don’t know if Lucifer himself started it, but it was over which was the sicker movie… August Underground or Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. Well, if constant vomiting makes you sick to your stomach, then this Vomit Gore trilogy takes the cake in sickness… Still, I would have to say August Underground is the better and more entertaining film… With a solid plot. These days, that really means something.

Regorgitated Sacrifice is pretty much nothing more than a brutal assault on the eyes and stomach. There is some hot lesbianism thrown in to equal out the capability of viewing. I didn’t quite get the simultaneous suicide deaths of Co-POW Kobain and Angela (played by Ameara Lavey of Slaughtered Vomit Dolls). I know he got the idea for the trilogy while standing in front of Co-bang’s home, but I still don’t see where it ties into the story.

All in all, I know I will give all of Lucifer’s stuff a try at least once. This is something different and after the vomit gore trilogy, I’m kind of curious as to what he does next. If you are looking for a film with good character development, a solid plot and memorable, emotional bond… Run the other way. If you want to be sick for the sake of being sick, tons of over the top gore and gush after gush of splattering, Satanic puke on glass canvas, look no further. I give this film, Regorgitated Sacrifice (for being something different and as far from refreshing as you can possibly get), TWO HORNS UP.

Get all 3 disgusting, sick creations in one blasphemous set – The Vomit Gore Trilogy

Regoregitated Sacrifice

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