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Jon Morvay’s Bible Black wins Best Short Film at 2019 HNN Film Festival

For Immediate Release:

Bible Black wins Best Short Film at 2019 Best Short Film at HorrorNewsNet Film Festival.  Jon Morvay has released BIBLE BLACK for FREE, but only for a limited time. Watch Morvay’s disturbing tales of horror and find out why it’s been BANNED across the United States.

In the tradition of Amazing Stories and Twilight Zone comes a thrilling new hybrid of literature and animation: The ultimate animated Graphic Novel Bible Black! Cutting-edge fiction…Mind-blowing graphics…the must see animated horror classic of the year…if you dare?


What happened to Lobster Girl after the end of Bible Black?

“I wrote the original as a one-shot and never expected to have the sales numbers and the interest with such a unique themed and polarizing comic. It was the highest selling independent comic of the year. I think people are tired of X-men, etc. The fans are talking and the story has hit a nerve with every love-sick psychopath like me. I hear you my “Mad in Love” compadres (Follement Amourese)… I have to get to work on Lobster Girl 2. Even I am excited to find out what happens. : ) My wheels are turning.” – Jon Morvay

Watch Bible Black on Amazon Prime
Bible Black part II is Coming Soon

Coming Soon 2020 HNN Film Festival

HorrorNewsNet Film Festival inaugural event celebrates the best work from the horror genre film-making community and is hosted by the worlds #1 searched “Horror News” website, Horrornews.net

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