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Jeffrey Reddick’s Directorial Debut, GOOD SAMARITAN Details!

Hood River Entertainment announces production on GOOD SAMARITAN, a dark revenge thriller by director/writer Jeffrey Reddick, creator of the popular Final Destination franchise.

GOOD SAMARITAN stars Kourtney Bell (It Follows), Will Stout (Daredevil), Skyler Hart (Cruel Intentions), Jaqueline Fleming (The Tale), Han Soto (Preacher), Damon Lipari (Vice), Amanda Grace Benitez (All Cheerleaders Die), Stephen Twardokus (Confessions), Dean West (LBJ) and Jeremy Holm (House of Cards).
 The film follows a young woman (Bell) overcoming her traumatic past who is among several witnesses that see a man fatally assaulted in a park and do nothing to intervene. Soon they all find themselves targeted by someone, or something, out for revenge.

Jeffrey Reddick worked at New Line Cinema for eleven years, during which time they produced Final Destination, based off his concept and script. He has written and produced over 30 film and television projects, and GOOD SAMARITAN marks his directorial debut.

“I’m so excited to bring Good Samaritan to life with such an amazing group of producers, cast and crew” says Reddick. “I get extremely troubled by real-life stories that show people’s lack of caring and compassion for one another. So, I wanted to explore this theme in the confines of a genre film. I’ve been waiting for the right project to make and I feel really blessed and excited to show it to the world.”

GOOD SAMARITAN is a Hood River Entertainment Production in association with Title Media, Storyteller Media and Setlife Films.

“Jeffrey and I have been wanting to work together for over a decade.” Says Hood River founder and producer Andrew van den Houten. “It’s an honor Good Samaritan, Jeffrey’s directorial debut, is the film giving us the opportunity to collaborate. His creative vision for this thrilling, relevant story is definitely going to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.”

The film is produced by Andrew van den Houten, Andy Steinman, Roman Dent and Ashleigh Snead, and executive produced by Gagan Lakhmna, Darryl Gariglio, Han Soto, Giles Daoust, Catherine Dumonceaux and Reddick, who is represented by Brillstein Grey Entertainment Partners.

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