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Thriller/Horror Film + Soundtrack “FACE OF EVIL” finally out!

Breaking News! War vet shoots in the crowd with no apparent reason…while a mysterious epidemic is raging across the country! (Spoiler Alert) This time it’s not real news, it’s about psychological thriller/horror feature film FACE OF EVIL, now available on all major streaming platforms, VOD, DVD, also pirated I believe, which is flattering in a way…

The film is about a war vet with PTSD who returns home and sees demons (real or not)… it’s about our fears, of epidemics, terrorism, big brother, of each other… It’s about a scapegoat in a devious system… What happens in the mind of a shooter? Maybe he sees enemies, zombies…

My name is Vito Dinatolo, I’m the writer/director/producer and soundtrack composer of F.O.E, which has won many film festivals and is distributed worldwide by Gravitas

while the awesome soundtrack is distributed by Awal

https://FOEmovie.com – film info, trailers, etc.

https://FOEmovie.com/media – film reviews and personal interviews.

https://FOEmovie.com/shop – film and soundtrack streaming links.

https://soundcloud.com/vito-dinatolo/sets – soundtrack and more of my music.


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