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Film Review: Purgatoric (short film) (2018)

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PURGATORIC is an experimental art film from award-winning filmmaker Emma Dark. Shot digitally it has been affected in post production to give it a Super 8mm look and feel. The film explores themes of death, sadness, uncertainty, and ultimately hope. PURGATORIC stars cult film and arts icon Billy Chainsaw, with music by London (UK) based band The Core.


Purgatoric is a short art experimentation film by award winning director Emma Dark. Emma dark directed Salient minus ten and Seize the night. She is an up and comer with a lot of talent. This film was recorded digitally  remastered to give it a strong 8mm feel. The star of the film is Billy Chainsaw a horror legend in his own right. Billy has been featured in films such as Strippers vs. Werewolves and Cry wolf. Purgatoric features music by the Core a popular London based band.

I have to warn anyone considering watching this not to get high expectations this film is artsy not what most people consider horror. Purgatoric seems to delve into depression, loss, anxiety and regaining hope. Its a film that one has to watch to interpret. I cant be sure what the vibe was intended but it makes me feel agitated. Its as if a set of emotions that the brain feels are played out through imagery and music.

Purgatoric was made on a very small budget so don’t expect to much. The film gets the point across but I cant be so sure that each individual that watches will be left with the same interpretation or vibe. Some may feel the flow of emotions in much different way than I did. It has a music video feel but stands out as what I would loosely consider an ink blot that many people may see something differently. Purgatoric is not everyone’s cup of tea that is for sure yet the film is worth a watch as Emma Dark continues to experiment and develop her skills in the art of film making.

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