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Film Review: All Through the Night (short film) (2018)

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“A police chief who hates Christmas. A rotten Mayor exploiting holiday tourism in the dreamy town of White Cliffs. And a psychotic murderer that would literally KILL to keep the traditional spirit of Christmas alive. Welcome to White Cliffs, where it’s Christmas ALL year long!”


I love a cheesy Christmas horror and All Through the Night definitely falls into that category. Sure, there’s some really poor expositional dialogue at the start but it would be weird if there wasn’t. Highbrow horror, Through the Night is not. But that’s not what you want in the holiday season. You want to sit back, drink in hand, hopefully with a few days off work, and enjoy some easy entertainment. Santa (because obviously the killer is Santa) often seems to appear as if from nowhere and that’s quite fun too.

The music is of course ironically jolly and, even though this is very much expected in a Christmas horror and is not breaking much new ground, it still made me smile. I know it’s January but if you have any leftover Christmas chocolate and a drop of Baileys, this short will make you feel gruesomely festive.

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