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Film Review: Killers (2010)

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The movie “Killers”, directed by Robert Luketic, begins with a girl, Jen- played by Katherine Heigl. Jen is a bit unlucky in love and is recovering from a breakup with her boyfriend. She travels to France with her parents when she meets and then falls head-over feet for a guy, Spencer- played by Ashton Kutcher. Spencer has a very unusual and dangerous job. Spencer decides to choose love over a life as a secret operative. Unfortunately, Spencer doesn’t disclose this information with Jen, well at least not when she’s awake that is and so she goes on thinking that he is just your average Joe. Jen and Spencer get married and have what seems the perfect white – picket fence life in suburbia. After a couple of years of wedded bliss, Spencer’s old job as a secret agent, and his old boss, played by Martin Mull, come back to haunt him. Things really go awry when contract killers are hired out to kill Spencer for a 20 million dollar bounty. The pair has to figure out where their marriage stands while dodging a hail storm of bullets. The question soon becomes who to trust as they try to figure out what has caused all hell to break loose.


Yes, this movie is a chick flick with some action thrown in; I want to make sure to stress that fact. To all men out there, though, don’t be afraid of chick flicks; they are a great way to get in good with the female object of your affection. That said, ogling a gorgeous Catherine Heigl isn’t too bad either.

An added bonus, the always superb and man’s man, Tom Selleck (and his mustache), rounds out the cast. Also a great supporting and lush-like character, Catherine O’Hara, adds her quirky flair to this movie. Ashton Kutcher is charming although I didn’t quite think that he fit the role of a special ops kind of guy. Katherine Heigl plays both cute and sexy very well and single ladies out there can relate to her character in the beginning’s unluckiness in romance.

Selleck and Kutcher have the usual battle of wills between father-in-law and son-in-law while Heigl attempts to referee the disdainful relationship. It’s the usual story, father doesn’t believe the husband is good enough for his daughter, I’m sure most of us have encountered a similar situation. Mother/mother-in-law O’Hara watches from the sidelines, the whole time with a c**ktail in her hands.

Between bullets flying and arguments, Jen finds out something that throws a wrench into the entire situation. Jen and Spencer find out that they are pregnant and that not only do they have their own lives to protect but the life of their unborn child. Understandably, this changes things and Jen finds herself at a crossroads, wondering if she should stay with Spencer even at the risk of the life of their baby. Inevitably, as it should be, love wins out and Jen can’t bear to lose the man that she has fallen for and married.

Although, the story is nothing really original it is a good date movie. “Killers” pulls from other movies of the like, such as, “True Lies” and in a small way “Point of No Return”. The cast does well together and there is a lot of chemistry between characters. The always adorably charming Rob Riggle adds some extra comedic flair to the character of Henry. There are also some interesting cameos from Usher Raymond (playing just a bit part) and Alex Borstein (a.k.a. the voice of Lois Griffin on Family Guy). Some of our characters go from being an innocent and/or lovable friend or neighbor to an all out killing machine. You really never know who is going to turn out to be a fraudulent friend and so you find yourself often second guessing character’s motives. The ending does have a bit of a twist to it, not a crappy village of shakers’ twist either. 

I will have to admit, though, that I did see it coming so there wasn’t any big surprise for me. Hopefully other viewers out there might find it somewhat surprising. While this may not be the best movie I’ve ever seen it’s certainly not the worst. There are moments of humor, although more subtle instead of slapstick or wacky; in other words it has a more mature sense of humor. If you want a movie that you can watch on a first date I would say that this would be a good one. There is enough mushy goodness for the girly girls out there and enough action to satisfy those high male testosterone levels. If you need an extra reason to go see this movie, Tom Selleck is in it, come on who doesn’t love him?

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