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Film Review: All Light Will End (2018)

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When a capricious young author hiding a dark secret returns home for her brother’s graduation, she finds herself haunted by the past and tormented by grim night terrors.


A very cool new film directed by Chris Blake comes under the title of “All Light Will End”. In an almost twilight-zone style manner, the intro opens on a young girl being disturbed by things lurking in the closet that contribute to her daily night terrors. Doors creaking, shadows lurking, strange noises, and under the bed fears… suggest a theme that we’ve seen in a few films over the years. One being 2003’s Darkness Falls which features a terrifying Tooth Fairy making its rounds or the inspired goat-head creature resembling something out of M. Night Shyamalan’s, “The Village”.

None-the-less, “All Light Will End” quickly changes tone as we find the girl now grown up (about 20 years later…I recall) in the form of actress Ashley Pereira, as Savannah.

Ashley, a stunning new edition to the movie world, in research, appears to bring a whole smattering of talents which include singing, songwriting, and guitar playing in addition to her handful of recent film appearances. This might explain her obvious rock and roll tattoo sleeve she sports in the film which no doubt will bring some memorable visibility to her in future appearances. (note to self: Need to check out 2018’s “Race with the Devil”, a previous appearance) In short though, Ashley gives a great performance here as the troubled, haunted, and emotionally scared Savannah…..a formula for femme fatale behavior….for sure!. I’m looking forward to what the future entails for this actress.

Now it wouldn’t be fair to mention (spoil) how this film resolves and restructures its intended impact (offering up a pretty cool 3rd act), however it’s worth mentioning that viewers should see this one thru to the end to connect all the dots presented. Reviews appear to be mixed, but also appear to be incomplete viewings.

In getting back to the story itself, we find Savannah enjoying her recent success as a best selling horror author who despite a jaded past and some unknown estranged behavior has become distant with her father over the years (actor Andy Buckley who plays officer David).

David is currently investigating recent dismemberments occurring in his town while Savannah is working thru relationships with friends and family. Savannah now well know for her book release “All Light Will End”, is on the path of becoming a respected and prolific horror author. In the background she begins to write her next book, however the story focuses more on her past, a past that inspired the content for her release and the lifetime of night terrors she has endured.

Upon return for her brother’s graduation, Savannah is reluctantly pulled back to her hometown with friends who insists they spend a weekend her boyfriend’s house. I will say I was slightly confused at to what, who, and where they all ended up at, though the strength of this tale is really the focus on what elements haunted Savannah from the past. We are taken thru flashbacks and memories of events that pull the pieces together, designed not entirely to tell the back story, but to set up Savannah for her next phase of the film.

I will say that the performances, editing, storyline and directing were all presented professionally making this film more than just another independent release, but one that you should invest time to check out on your own.

In viewing, I found not all parts to always be entirely clear which confused a couple plot points for me, but regardless that should not take away from the idea and direction that this film takes us on. The 2nd act drags a bit but makes up for it by film end. If I were to mention these plot points, it may take away from the reveals of this movie…..so hang in there

In review, “All Light Will End” is a thrilling journey with some very visceral moments awaiting viewers. Horror fans will find comfort in how things twist and turn making for an enjoyable experience. Embracing a few past influences, “All Light Will End” is an eerie twisting ride.

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