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Interview: Javier Botet (Mara)

The Legendary Javier Botet took some time to discuss his new film, “Mara.” Botet has starred in “Mama”, “Slender Man”, “It”, “[Rec}”, “The Conjuring 2.” He is such a talented, brilliant actor. He makes these incredible characters his own. Thank you Javier for taking the time to speak with Horornews.net

J.B. How are you?

Hi Javier, How are you?

J.B. Good and you?

I am doing good. First off you did an amazing job in the film, “Mara.” How do you even prepare to portray Mara in the film?

J.B. Thank you. The fact is I am preparing all the time to play Mara and all of these kind of roles. I make it work doing this kind of work with my body. When I start a new project I always try to give something special and something different. You have a lot of ideas. Sometimes you bring some new ideas and sometimes you bring ideas from some other movies. When I was in “Mara”, Tom gave me a lot of freedom so I proposed some stuff that he included in the movie. I was reading and I saw some documentaries about sleep paralysis. I personally had some sleep paralysis episodes myself. I know myself how you feel in that moment. You are awake but you feel like you are going to die. It is creepy but I have not seen a creature at all but in a way it helps to research.

That is a horrible feeling. I do know people that had suffered from sleep paralysis and they did see a dark shadow figure. So, I imagine it is an awful feeling.

J.B. Yes, yes. Wow. I saw nothing but I was thinking that my body was paralyzed and I do not understand what happened and I focused on trying to move one finger. I thought if I could move one finger, I could move my body. I had thought it was an American problem nothing about ghost or creatures, something paranormal. I went to the doctors and had some test and it disappeared and they said it happens sometimes when you are in a stressful moment.

Yes, I did read stress was a cause. Being in that frame of mind and having the feeling of being paralyzed and not being able to wake up. You claw at your eyes and try to open them. It is definitely scary.

J.B. Yes

Now, how did the cast react to seeing you as Mara?

J.B. You know some actors try to keep out of the actor’s sight and try to surprise them. But, in my way I have a good relationship with everybody before becoming a monster. Everybody knows me, everybody knows I am a funny guy. But with the make-up it is nice and there are some people that it scares them a lot. I think everybody knows it is an actor who is in make-up. But, when I start making my moves people are amazed so it is nice.

What would you like to say to the audiences that will be watching “Mara?”

J.B. I haven’t seen the movie yet so I always want to see the movie. I love the truth. I was more comfortable on this film.

I have to tell you I loved the film. You play these intense, beautifully crafted characters. When you appear onscreen it is absolutely terrifying and amazing at the same time. You are so incredible. Your heart jumps a little bit, you are so good.

J.B. (Laughter) Oh, that is great. I cannot wait.

Now, what are you working on next and will you be returning in “It: Chapter Two?”

J.B. Yes, I am already working on chapter two. I will be working a little bit more next month. I am working on that.

Thank you so much Javier. You are just awesome. Every character from Mama, Slender Man, KeyFace. You are amazing.

J.B. Thank you. Thank you very much. God bless and take care.
You too. Thank you.


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