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The Barn – New Horror Releases Sept 4th in the US and Canada

THE BARN, directed by Matt Beurois. The movie will be released on Sept 4th in the US and Canada (Gravitas Ventures). It is a 100% independent film.

The movie focuses on the aftermath of a global pandemic that turned most of the young people under 26 years old into deadly sick kids… Eventually zombie-alike.
The movie is quite realistic, more “Day of the dead” than a gory flick, with a strong atmosphere and a dark 80’s like score.

Cast includes Piper Lincoln, daughter of Scream Queen Lar Park Lincokn (Friday the 13th part VII).

THE BARN is a dark thriller with a horror background, directed by 15 times award-winning French director Matt Beurois and produced by award-winning producer Auregan for Colorado Studio LLC.

The film will be released on VOD and DVD in North America on September 4th by Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company.

Movie is available for pre-order on Itunes and Amazon now.

The film stars Ken Samuels, the contemporary American spy of Academy Award Winner Jean Dujardin in the James Bond pastiche “OSS 117 : Cairo, Nest of Spies”. Samuels portrays Gil Perry, a farmer in the state of Virginia, hiding a dangerous secret inside his barn. Gil’s best friend and somehow nemesis is portrayed by Paris-based actor Guillaume Faure, seen in Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”. Faure also starred in BBC’s BAFTA winner and primetime Emmy® Award nominee “War and Peace”, alongside Lily James and Paul Dano.

The story takes place in Sugar Grove, Virginia, the small town being the playground of a serial killer. As the number of victims increases, a bold female reporter –portrayed by Piper Lincoln, daughter of Lar Park-Lincoln, scream queen of “Friday the 13th Part VII”– is sent to cover the story.

Her investigation will shake the local community, uncovering the town’s secret hidden inside the barn.

“The Barn” is an original take on zombie-related outbreak, offering a dark crossover with the serial-killer genre. The film offers a realistic view of what happens after a Zombie outbreak, adding brand new ideas to the leaving-dead mythology. French press already stated the film to be “Dark and realistic. The legacy of Zombie creator George A. Romero” (L’Ecran Fantastique, Sept 2017).

In addition to the strong journalist character, the movie creates a deep atmosphere of suspicion and danger revolving around the other female lead, the alpha zombie April, portrayed in both scary yet somehow really touching way by award-winning actress Auregan, previously critically acclaimed for her performance as Jennifer in French drama “Man of the Past”. Auregan also composed the score of the and her new song “Broken Doll” features in the end credits.


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