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Interview: Piper Lincoln (The Barn)

Piper Lincoln is a very talented up and coming young actress that has a lot of cool things going on at the moment. She recently appeared in the horror film The Barn and is going to be a part of some other projects in the near future. I was lucky enough to speak to her recently and we discussed her career, her famous mother (Lar Park Lincoln, who appeared in Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood), what creeps her out, and just life in general.

Todd Martin:  So, tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you start acting and what are your favorite types of roles?

Piper Lincoln: So, I was essentially born into acting. I was born in Los Angeles to Lar Park Lincoln, THE scream queen, Tina, from Friday the 13th Part 7, so you can say that horror is in my genes! I grew up in Texas where I did some minor acting, but it wasn’t until I moved to Paris, France that my passion for acting was reignited. I found a casting call for Americans and that was it – I have since done 5 films in France and I am looking to keep going!

My favorite type of roles is the kind that really challenge me. I want to be thrown into this character’s reality, where I have to transform into this person. In some ways, I also like being able to sneak little pieces of my own personality into a character but give it its own twist. I’ve always been more comfortable in serious and dramatic roles, though I have been diving into humor the last couple of years, which is so much fun.

TM: Tell us about The Barn. What character do you play in it and what is she like?

PL: I play Melissa Crawford, a young and determined reporter. She is sent to a small town to investigate a series of murders that have been happening. She is the kind of woman that is looking to carve out a place for herself in the journalism/reporting world. She knows it’s a tough place to be heard and noticed, so she isn’t starting small – she wants to report on the tough stories, the ones that really mean something, even when her superiors tell her to quit. She is unique in that she doesn’t shy away from getting her hands dirty or doing something potentially dangerous. You will see this when The Barn comes out, but she definitely gets herself into some less than ideal situations all in the name of good reporting!

TM: Who are some of your influences?

PL: With total certainty I can say that my biggest influence is my mom, who I mentioned earlier. Even before I realized it, she was simultaneously raising me to be a strong, independent woman as well as an actor! Thanks to her, I am constantly inspired by brave and strong women I see everywhere. The kind of woman that isn’t afraid to speak up, who isn’t afraid to do what she is passionate about, regardless of what people think. The kind of woman who isn’t afraid to be authentic and show her emotions.

I really admire how brave people like Meghan Markle, Tina Fey, and Chelsea Handler have been in the past couple of years. They remind me that you can be doing what you love in more ways than one, be it acting and politics, philanthropy, changing the status quo, etc.

TM: If you could work with anyone in the industry who would it be and why?

PL: I just LOVE Jessica Lange, Meryl Streep, and more recently Saoirse Ronan. Their adaptability and raw emotion they bring to roles is just so amazing. You KNOW they would make incredible co-stars. Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Melissa McCarthy, and Emilia Clarke are also dream co-stars. They all crack me up and I’m not sure I could keep a straight face in a scene with them! I would just love to be a part of American Horror Story and work with Ryan Murphy and the other writers and directors in that series. The stories and creativity they bring to each season is fantastic, twisty, and dark. Perfect.

TM: What is your dream role?

PL: At the moment, my dream role would be anything challenging and difficult that I haven’t yet done (which is plenty!). I am open to so many ideas and characters, I couldn’t pick just one at the moment – I want to play so many.

TM: What is your favorite movie of all time?

PL: This is a hard one. I have so many movies I could watch over and over, and I am a really big series person – bring on the binge watching! Game of Thrones is my favorite series currently. I love the twisted and complex storyline of Gone Girl, and my childhood favorite is Hocus Pocus, without a doubt. My mom and I also love The Skeleton Key!

TM: In your opinion, what is the scariest movie ever made?

PL: Not many movies freak me out. I think this is thanks to being exposed to how horror movies are really made at such a young age. To be honest, though, the only one that really sticks in my head is Silent Hill. Something about the music and sound effects, and general creepiness of it all really makes me uncomfortable. I haven’t watched it in years and don’t know if I could! But based on how it was perceived by the public at the time, I think that the Exorcist is probably the scariest movie ever.

TM:  Do you have any phobias or is there anything in particular that creeps you out?

PL: BEES. Or wasps. I know they do so much for our crops and whatnot, but I cannot control myself around them. I instantly tense up and run. I also really dislike deep, dark water with waves (think the wave in Poseidon…terrifying). One thing that was super creepy was shooting The Barn in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Dark, quiet, and a perfect setting for a scary movie.

TM: What are some of your hobbies? What do you like to do in your spare time?

PL: Like I said before, I love to binge-watch series. I could do this all the time. I am also really into being creative, so I love to draw, paint, and make things whenever I can. I am also really into infectious diseases (I studied this in school), so I am always looking for cool things to read and watch about them. The Barn was perfect for me because it also features an epidemic, which captured my attention immediately.

TM: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

PL: Something my mom always tells her actors – don’t worry about everyone else’s plan. I am still trying to perfect this, but it is always good to keep in mind. We are all on our own paths and it is never too late to do something you are passionate about. Just get out there and do it!

TM: Do you have anyone you would like to give a shout out to or is there anything you are working on at the moment?

PL: I really want to thank Matt Beurois and Auregan for the opportunity to be in The Barn. Matt is such an awesome director and has some serious multi-tasking skills. The way he planned and shot this film with all of the tiny details and scenes was incredible. Everyone involved in this film was so nice and professional, not to mention talented! I can’t wait to see the final outcome, and I can’t wait to work with these people again!

I do have a new project coming up soon that is a murder mystery, but that’s about all I can say at the moment :)

TM: How can people find you online?

PL: I mostly use my Instagram, which is @piperlincoln, and I intend to start tweeting a bit more, so my twitter handle is @piperlincoln8.

Thanks so much to Piper Lincoln for taking the time to speak to me!

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