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Interview: Lowell Dean (Another Wolfcop)

ANOTHER WOLFCOP, the Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD will be released next week on July 3rd.

Hi Janel! How are you?

Hi Lowell. I am doing well. So tell me about “Another Wolfcop.” It is a fun, scary movie and quite a unique sequel to “Wolfcop.”

Lowell- It was an actual progression from the first one. I also wrote and directed the first one. We were just trying to continue the story but make it a little crazier. We obviously had things we wanted to do in the sequel. It was finding that balance between the story I wanted to tell and what I felt the world was needing from a sequel. We could tell that people responded from some of the weirder stuff in the first film like the transformation so I knew that we could go a little off and we could go crazy.

Now. Totally cliché question! Did you grow up loving horror and do you have a favorite werewolf film?

Lowell- I am a fan of horror movies so like many people I grew up in the VHS error of horror movies so I would go to my local convenient store or video store and spend the weekend watching all of them and studying how they did the kills and things. My favorite werewolf film would have to be “An American Werewolf in London.”

Oh, excellent choice! That is one of my favorites also!

Lowell- Yeah!

Now, what was it like working with this amazing cast and actually transforming Leo into Wolfcop?

Lowell- It was fun. I’ve got to say the experience of making this film was a joy. It was much harder for sure but the cast were like friends at this point and even the new people we brought in I think felt the energy around us. For Leo we have a good shorthand at this point because we’ve done multiple projects together. Even for him, it is never fun but Leo is such a tough guy. One of the reasons he plays Wolfcop is that he can handle the stress and pressure.

What do you want to say to the audiences that will be watching “Another Wolfcop?”

Lowell- I think I would just want to say thank you.

Thank you so much Lowell.

Lowell- Thank you Janel.

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