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Interview: Leo Fafard (Another Wolfcop)

Leo- Hello Janel! (Note he says this so happily and enthusiastic. He is so cool to speak with)

Hi Leo! How are you?

Leo- Oh, I’m alright! No complaints.

You did such a kickass job portraying Wolfcop in “Another Wolfcop” the sequel.

So please tell us about you got involved with “Wolfcop” and then preparing for the sequel, “Another Wolfcop”?

Leo- I knew the guys very well. We worked on tons of stuff for many years together. I am sort of an unofficial member. I’d known Lowell Dean from a couple of other things. They had hired me to play a werewolf in a music video. So, during the shooting of this music video where I played a university professor /werewolf kind of character in my little sweater vest and what not.

Lowell had approached me and asked if I’d be interested in playing the lead in a show that he was trying to put together however he didn’t have the show finished per say as “Wolfcop”, he had a police script and he had a werewolf script. During the making of that music video he got this, strike of lightning sort of epiphany where he said why don’t I mash the two together and create a policeman that is turned into a werewolf. I said, wow I’d love to! I like Lowell’s style and his drive and vision. He stuck by me. They wanted to switch me out and try and get some more star power. I have a degree in performance theatre from the U of R. I ended up in the lead role of “Wolfcop.”

When I spoke with Lowell. He said you had to do a lot with the make-up/effects. What type of challenges did you face while shooting “Another Wolfcop?”

Leo- Well, I’ve never really been prone to claustrophobia or anything like that. I’ve been a blue collar worker my whole life and spent many years as a welder where I had a flip up mask in front of my face for ten to twelve hours a day while welding in assembly lines or welding in fabrication shops. When I was working as house lifter and foundation reinforcement technician I had to wear a very intimate type of mask where it was a rebreather type of thing. So I had experience with the mask on your face for long periods of time. You know I grew up blue-collar and you don’t go to work to be comfortable. I think a lot of people are not okay with that. People are little overly pampered now a days. I am a little bit more old school and people tend to call me a bit more hardcore. At the end of the day I’m not going to sit there in the make-up chair and say, oh I wish you wouldn’t take so long to put my make-up on. Ah, fuck, I’ve been stuck under buildings. I don’t go to work to be comfortable. It wasn’t a challenge for me.

That is cool! Now what do you want to say to the audiences?

Leo- “You better not bring your kids.” (Laughter from both of us) Just sit back and relax. It’s going to be a hell of a ride. It’s a good ride. Enjoy the entertainment in front of you. Shut your brain off and enjoy the insanity in front of you. That is all I would have to say.




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