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Music Review: TNT – XIII

8 years since TNT’s last release “A Farewell to Arms”, we come upon a brand new product under the release of Frontiers Music Srl (A music label noted for it’s rich collective of older hard rock / metal act releases). The release features it’s original founding member Ronni Le Tekro (guitar) and Diesel Dahl (drums) with bass player Ove Husemoen and new vocalist Baol Bardot Bulsara.

Those who have followed the band are more than familiar with its pretty extensive frequented line up change over the years, those of course watching as TNT’s noted front man Tony Harnell has come and go thru various releases. Though 2018 brings in a new age for TNT with a smattering of flavorful rock tunes lead by front man Bulsara

first we’ll get right to the track listing which includes:

1. “We’re Gonna Make It”
2. “Not Feeling Anything”
3. “Fair Warning”
4. “It’s Electric”
5. “Where You Belong”
6. “Can’t Breathe Anymore”
7. “Get Ready for Some Hard Rock”
8. “People, Come Together”
9. “Tears in My Eyes”
10. “17th of May”
11. “Catch a Wave”
12. “Sunshine”

Ok enuff history, now onto the review

first out of the gate, Spain-originated vocalist Baol Bardot Bulsara does a bang up job of providing the kind of vocals you would expect with Ronni Le Tekro’s guitar work. The vocals here are rich, dynamic and perfect for the new TNT incarnation. I wouldn’t expect any issues with Bulsara trying to belt out Harnell’s previous works.

with that said, I was a little confused on the production provided on Ronni Le Tekro’s guitar tracks. Now keep in mind there are 2 equations here, the rhythm guitars and the lead tracks (EQ). The lead work here is appropriately stellar with Tekro’s style coming full force in a barrage of tastefully choice licks. Each track has a worthy Ronni Le Tekro riff. Vocal tracks are also very well done (mixed)

We’re Gonna Make It”
Guitar tracks sound weird like they were recorded from a broken 1″ speaker. Not sure how this production flub made it to final draft. Certainly not Ronni’s guitar sound (is it too late to pull production and re-do this???) Lead guitar sounds better. A shame really as the song is quite good but production made the guitar un-listenable.

“Not Feeling Anything”
guitar tracks slightly better than 1st track. Vocals and overdubbed harmonies sound great. A heavier track with alot of that Tekro lead guitar technique added (great overlays and layered harmonies)

“Fair Warning”
Darker, deeper heavy rock drawl on this one, though not my favorite track

“It’s Electric”
Sparky with a bouncy chorus. Not really the trademark TNT I’ve come to love but Tekro slams it on the lead solo mixing in some serious wah wah bends

“Where You Belong”
Bulsara reaches out on his vocals on this track. a bit more catchy than the first few tracks. Backing keys helps to round out the sound here. Nice Melody paving the way for equally melodic guitar work!

“Can’t Breathe Anymore”
A pretty catchy tune

“Get Ready for some Hard rock”
A bit anthem-driven lyrically that sounds more like its purpose is designed to start their live performances off. The song falls a bit short than say an AC/DC, Kiss, or Cheap Trick opener…but serves a purpose in the end

“People come Together”
Fast moving and a bit weird…though done so with some razor sharp Tekro lead work!
(Nice vocal scream Bulsara!)

“Tears in My Eyes”
Another great song with classic TNT like hooks (but crappy rhythm guitar sound!)
Melodies here are tight and could easily fall within a typical TNT set. I just can’t past the bad mix used on Le Tekro’s guitar.

“17th of May”
A bit heavier style song with cool chops adding to the attraction. The chorus here was not my favorite placing this song into the filler category.

“Catch a Wave”
Lost interest on this one

Nice ballad – reminds me of the Harnell style from earlier TNT material

Overall some great highlight on this release, with some equally questionable head scratchers thrown in. Fans will love Tekro’s guitar tracks (solos) as this 2018 version of TNT hits us with new material. Baol Bardot Bulsara is a great singer who manages to embrace some of Harnell’s approach to the TNT material. Fans will recognize the difference in lead vocals from previous material, however might also find themselves imagining Harnell’s inclusion (if he were belting them out).

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