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Home | Rotting Love Brings Zombie Dave and Brooke Lewis to TCL Chinese Theatre

Rotting Love Brings Zombie Dave and Brooke Lewis to TCL Chinese Theatre

Horror short featured at Dances with Films

As the popularity of the undead genre continues spread like the plague, director Dave Reda unleashes his viral contribution in Rotting Love. With a cast ensemble that is guaranteed to inspire even the most jaded of terror aficionados in flesh crawling grandiose, Rotting Love is the mish-mash we’ve all been waiting for.

ROTTING LOVE, the new horror short film from Bit Parts and My Undeadly writer/director Dave Reda, is an official selection of the Dances With Films festival. The world-famous TCL Chinese Theatre will feature Rotting Love at 11:45pm on June 15, 2018 as part of their Dances Midnight shorts, block #2. 

Rotting Love stars Zombie Dave (Dave Reda) himself, alongside the gorgeous, award-winning star of iMurders, Sinatra Club and Slime City Massacre, Brooke Lewis. Other stars include House of Manson’s Noel Jason Scott and Lilith’s Dani Sciacca, as well as Peter Hollywood, Katrina Alysha Young and Mason Scott Miller.

Debuting May 10, 2018, the sneak peek trailer for Rotting Love teases the horror-filled evening that awaits the bored couple. Their relationship has gone stale, and sometimes it takes the undead to liven it up…

Los Angeles band, MAL, featuring co-star Peter Hollywood on bass, rocks out the trailer with “Vimana”.

Rotting Love is expected to be another festival hit from Reda, following the bloody good footsteps of the full-length film, Bit Parts, and the popular horror shorts, My Undeadly and Horror of Our Love.****

If you’d like more information about Rotting Love, or to schedule an interview with any of the Rotting Love cast and crew, please contact Dave Reda at (626) 372-6868 or e-mail him at clickthis2000@yahoo.com.


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