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Book Review: This Dying World Book 2: Abandon All Hope – Author James Dean

This Dying World

Book 2: Abandon All Hope

By James Dean

486 Pages

Dan continues to struggle and cope within the post apocalyptic world that is void of any faith or prosperity. As the origins of the global outbreak become apparent a very ominous metamorphosis lurks within him threatening to be unleashed at the most unsuspecting of moments.

This Dying World Book 2: Abandon All Hope marks the second reading adventure I’ve taken with author James Dean at the helm. The sequel picks up directly where its predecessor had left off. Make no mistake about it there are no rose-colored glasses in which the characters including Dan have a distorted perception on the state of existence and the shape of things to come.

In some of the opening sequences where Dan is lost in every sense of the word and cannot leave the grave side of the love of his life is heart wrenching and dismal personified. We feel the anguish within and even the most jaded and cynical of readers will feel every bit of the raw emotion epitomized.

The author’s prose is all consuming and instantly alluring. Reading Dean’s work isn’t like reading a typical book. The experience is more comparable to sitting on a porch and listening to Uncie James tell a spell binding tale. He takes all the work out of reading and manages to fully exploit the adventure aspects in all the right ways.

What often makes books consequential and memorable is the very things in which we reflect upon in our waking lives. Often whether we realize it or not we choose reading as a form of vicarious escape. Our own lives may hold tribulation or controversy, something we prefer not to dwell upon. While reading TDW: Abandon All Hope I went through some of the most painful episodes of my life. Having a retreat such as this novel helped get me through. It made me examine emotions on a level I was prepared to face at my own pace. I’ll never forget this reading adventure for those very reasons. Sometimes a good read is precisely what we need to carry on.

The author’s ability to fabricate realistic characters is evidence of his own real-time interactions. One of the carnal rules of writing is write about what you know. It breathes a certain air of authenticity to the tale. We question not the integrity of the interpersonal interactions. On one level or another we can relate to the protagonists and find strength in their perseverance in adapting coping mechanisms and moving forward.

Dan’s descent into dread is eerie and all the dismal emotions encompassed are eerie as hell. While personifying his sense of doom and gloom I’d be hard pressed to find any reader who could not empathize. One would have to be a sociopath not to feel the torment in Dan’ s soul creating monumental, memorable reading.

We get a glimpse into what the origin of the global outbreak was. Kudos to the author for maintaining a sense of originality and innovation. While the zombie genre is still alive and well, its refreshing to see new, unchartered elements brought to the table. Readers will have a new-found appreciation for a genre that is borderline saturated at times.

Towards the final act of the pages we’re introduced to a most noteworthy antagonist in the Professor. His very presence and everything he stands for is unsettling to the core. A glimpse of the potential darkest of evil is often reflected from within. The exchange between he and Dan is comical at first but takes a most sinister turn that will have readers ripping ravenously through until the final pages.

While readers may be forewarned if you’re looking for a touchy-feely, Hollywood type ending then as the title suggests you may be best advised to abandon all hope. Most admirably This Dying World 2 resists the typical cookie cutter type climax. Also accentuating a cliff hanger type-conclusion we can all insatiably await a sequel in the works.

A formidable read that takes an exploration into the dark side of humanity one step closer to the edge in an experience audience’s will not soon forget.

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