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Horror Equity Fund Announces Partnership with Horrornews.net

Horror Equity Fund Announces Partnership with Horrornews.net

For Immediate Release:

Horror Equity Fund, Inc. (HEF), an entertainment company specializing in the horror genre for fans, content creators and horror investment has partnered with the #1 searched “horror news” website on the internet, Horrornews.net (HNN).

The HEF / HNN alliance is about to shake the horror industry to it’s very foundation. What does this partnership really mean to the horror community? This alliance creates a new space where fans and pros can be participants in every level of the horror experience, from conception to investment to production!

Marlon Schulman, HEF Founder & CEO said “Serving the community is a driving motive behind HEF and partnering with HNN provides HEF with vital communication resources and credibility. We are so pleased to better serve the greater independent horror community.”

Brian Herskowitz, HEF CCO said, “As a producer and screenwriter I have seen how difficult it can be for the independent content creator to gain the access necessary to see their dreams to fruition. HEF gives access to those creatives, participation to fans, and profits to investors.”

Michael Joy, HNN Operations Manager said, “We are excited about this partnership and all of its possibilities. Marlon, Brian, and VP Tony Timpone at the Horror Equity Fund are creating once in a lifetime investment opportunity for horror fans. This is amazing, for fans to actually own shares in a horror company and its movies and other projects. Horrornews.net can’t wait to support them in their endeavors and add our own twisted flavor to the mix. To quote Hellraiser, “We have such sights to show you!”

About Horror Equity Fund (HEF):
Horror Equity Fund is an entertainment company that focuses solely on the Horror/Thriller genres. We bring content creators, fans, and investors together and give them access to the tools that help them see their passions into profits. HEF is currently raising funds through a Regulation CF raise.
For more information and details visit:

About Horrornews.net (HNN):
Horrornews.net is a worldwide entertainment news website featuring the latest from the horror genre in movie reviews, interviews, podcasts, trailers, top ten lists, and exclusive articles. Our staff is comprised of horror enthusiasts and industry insiders who are devoted to bring you content from all things horror, science fiction, and the paranormal. Established in 2008.

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  1. Congratulations. Nice! Brian, we so glad you’ve continued to be so active in the industry. We are still wanting to see Rob’s script now known as ESMERALDA, formerly known as CREEK COUNTY, realized. Rob still wants to direct, as we get older I keep working on him to sell the script to someone who is in better position to secure investors.


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