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It Part 2: Updates, Facts and Rumors (The Return of Pennywise?)

IT has been demolishing box office records all month long and has yet to slow down. As I am sure many of you saw already, IT tells the story of the Loser’s Club, a group of social outcast kids, as they fight the child-killing monster clown Pennywise. But if you have read the book or seen the original mini-series, you know that’s only have the story.

While the Loser’s Club manage to defeat Pennywise as kids, it’s a temporary defeat. Pennywise returns years later and the Loser’s Club must join together again as adults to defeat Pennywise again, once and for all. And this is the story that awaits us in IT Part 2. But, while we may know the basics of the plot, what else do we know? Here are some current updates & rumors on IT Part 2

  1. For one, we now have a definitive release date of 9/16/2019. Same month as the first one, so it should be interesting to see how Part 2 performs vs Part 1.
  2. It’s sequel nomenclature may be rather specific, with the current rumor pointing to it drawing from its book roots and being called IT Chapter 2
  3. Largely ignored in this first chapter, rumors are indicating that the sequel will dive into the more, shall we say, surreal parts of the plot. For example, if you have read the book you may know that a giant, extradimensional, omnipotent god-turtle fits in the story in a pretty big way and, unless they change the whole plot, will likely appear in Part 2.
  4. Another bit which is supposed to appear in Part 2 is a reveal of Pennywise’s origins. This part was supposed to be in the first part, but was cut. Whether they use the same scene or not, most likely the backstory of Pennywise will appear in Part 2 in some form or another.
  5. So far, no casting announcements have been made. It’s probably safe to say that Bill Skarsgard will return as our favorite clown, but beyond that it is largely an unknown. One popular fan demand is for the kids from the original mini-series to be cast as the adults this time around, but honestly that is probably unlikely to happen for any number of reasons.

So, we have 2 years to wait to see exactly what is in store for us. In the meantime we have Pennywise dancing memes to hold us over. Literally never. gets. old.

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