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Product Review: Pennywise Plus Doll from YuMe Toys

Here at Horrornews.net, we love receiving word on new cool horror products. Better yet when one is sent for our review, it’s like an early Christmas and Halloween combined. Our latest product to hit our desk is the new plush Pennywise doll celebrating the popular character from the film It.

Now this particular doll falls somewhere between menacing and cute. Menacing in that it represents the horror icon from “It” and cute because it otherwise resembles an innocent clown doll (basically it won’t scare aware youngens, unless you want it too)

Pennywise comes packaged in the approximate size of 8″ x 14″ (counting its big hair) so it definitely is a bit bigger than the usual horror dolls out there.

This new product from Yume Toys is the perfect lovable but creepy combo appropriate for horror fans and older movie enthusiasts. In fact upon open my 5 year old wanted instantly wanted to add it to her collection of stuffed dolls, however with its motion activate glowing eyes and voice functions that repeat 5 of the most people IT movie lines, it was bound to stay in the adult room shelf.

We would like to see more of these from this group decided to horror icons. In fact, I’m sure a Chucky doll is not too far behind, however I wouldn’t mind a good lovable “Pinhead” Plush either!

Want to see more?
Check out he video below to get more accurate display of this dolls functions. If you want to learn more make sure and check out their toy page options on Amazon or stop by their web site for a peek

Yume Toys has been releasing a whole collective of movie doll memorabilia that range the gamut of super heroes and movie icons.

We are told that dolls are also now available online from Target and Gamestop

Stay tuned for more announcements, we love hearing from the to manufacturers who support the horror genre


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