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Horror T-Shirt Top Ten List

Horrornews.net in association with TeePublic has put together a TOP TEN LIST of horror t-shirts.
If there is one thing that goes hand and hand with a good horror movie, it’s a great horror t-shirt.

10. We All Float Down Here

This is the perfect pick for the number ten spot, with all the clown activity from 2016 and the upcoming remake of “IT” on the horizon, this cool clown image and tag line, “We All Float Down Here” is an instant winner.

9. No Lives Matter

Jason doesn’t discriminate and that’s why this “No Lives Matter” is so awesome.  Everyone dies!


8. Planet Terror

Machine gun leg – need I say more.

7. Captain Spaulding’s Fried Chicken and Gasoline

You’ve seen him in House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, and if you are like me, you wish you could stop by him establishment and grab and chicken leg while you fill up your tank.  Captain Spaulding is one of the best horror characters of modern times.

6. Sam

Watch out Michael Myers.  Halloween isn’t just a one killer holiday, Trick or Treat introduced us to Sam.  Thank you!

5. Overlook Hotel

Oh yeah, right out of the gift shop of the Overlook Hotel and on to your back.  This t-shirt has The Shining

4. Amity Island

This shirt will back great beach wear during your next family vacation to Amity Island, but I wouldn’t go during shark week.

3. Conform

This is my number three pick but it could easily have made it all the way to number one.  I recommend wearing this tee to any political functions that you might be going to!  They Live

2. All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Honestly, I’ve always wanted to shirt that says, “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”.  My number two picks makes  that dream a possibility.

1. Welcome to Santa Carla, California.  Murder Capital of the World

The number one pick in our top ten list of horror t-shirts has got to be straight from the Murder Capital of the World.   The Lost Boys

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