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Film Review: Terror at Blood Fart Lake (2008)

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When a group of college kids head off to their friend’s cabin for a little high octane sex weekend they will get more than they bargained for in the form of the evil Scarecrow killer, Jimmy Van Brunt! Seems like no body is safe at spooky cabins in the woods by the lake these days. Experience characters that make you want to howl with laughter and constipation! Witness deaths the likes of which you have never seen before! One part Friday the 13th, One part Ernest Goes To Camp and 3 parts Cream Cheese, wonder aloud who will be still be alive by the end of this Terror At Blood Fart Lake?!


Goofy and horrific…must be the new trend these days, as I’ve seen my share of horror comedy films come across my desk. “Terror at Blood Fart Lake” is a name that demands attention and rightfully so. In a dorky heehaw kind of way this films is hella funny. I think the silliness of the character roles and the chosen dialog really brings alot of strength to the film. The film begins absurd and never lets up. My guess those is that it would have been hard to keep a straight face during trying to maintain some of the acting roles. If you going straight into this for just horror, then your barking up the wrong tree. The movie is a play and farce on acting roles and that’s the beauty of it all.

Best summarized as lewd, crude and full of tasteless humor, it certainly doesn’t miss a chance to say or do something totally off the cuff to instigate a viewer reaction. While some horror comedies use the content focus as a point of comedy , the comedy in this film actually written into he role playing performed by the actors. Our zany cast includes Zeebs, a heavily accented New Jersian who is clearly a cross between Andrew Dice Clay and Fast Times at Ridge Mount high’s Mike Damone.

Gwendelyn, a struggling actress who seems to be stuck in the 40’s complete with an ongoing dialog and persona that has time warped into the present apparently, though her tattooed covered body suggests otherwise. Sally is our resident overweight Goth who takes the idea of death way too seriously. Snake is just stoner all the time and Ben , the owner of FrightRags franchise is the most level headed and yet bumbling of the group. When they arrive at Blood Lake of course they are told a story about Jimmy the retard who was burned in an accident 20 years back. Apparently a group of punks set fire to a cornfield that just so happened to be the one Jimmy was playing in. Now they say he lurks among the shadows to inflict revenge on new comers.

Caspian is the queerly bizarre host who wines, entertains and runs the camp. I’m not sure what to make of him except that he is annoying as hell. Ashley Sawyer is the big breasted visitor who is under the impression that she’s way hotter than she really appears. A nice bunch they are…complete with overacting, extreme role playing, part dork, more part dork and a tip of the hat to John Waters type films.

My favorite scene actually appears into he first 5 minutes. As Hambone arranges the stay for the visitors and refers to himself obsessively in the 3rd person. “Hambone, got the ladies, Hambone got a 9 foot d*ck, ..life is good for Hambone”. A nice setup that sets the tone for the entire film.

There’s alot of cheap one-offs kind of humor in this film, but you can tell they had a blast doing it. The killer of the film prefers corn induced deaths which he implements in a variety of ways. If your looking for something new, new isn’t the goal here…its to entertain with silliness. If it weren’t for some of the more cruder shocking scenes this film might sit fine next to your “Scary Movie” collection. Though in the sprit of independents, its a bit too racy for younger viewers but fine for a great “party” film watch.

Ultimately, this film will either be a complete hit or miss to viewers. Those who like silly “pet Detective” kind of comedy will really bit into the luniness of it all. The characters themselves are short of being out of a David Lee Roth Video. Others may grow tired of it quickly and opt for something a little less mindless. I actually really enjoyed the silliness of the character roles and enjoyed more than a few good laughs in the performances and dialog used. At the time of this review I couldnt find an IMDB page for credits, but regardless….this film is fun.

Terror at Blood Fart Lake (2008)

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