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Demon Boy Releases Official Music Video FLY ON THE WALL


Hey kids! Geuss what I got for you today? If you’ve been following my columns and reviews here for a while, you may recall an interview I did at Rock The Dead 2 with The Demon Boy. Inspired by shock rockers such as Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson, Demon Boy has evolved the genre into an interactive rock and roll experience that is unique among many bands playing around today. His shows are like a haunted attraction, full of special effects and monsters and really rocking tunes.

I have the privilege of bringing you the world premiere of Demon Boy’s new music video, FLY ON THE WALL. As I’m sitting here in an outbuilding at a haunted attraction, with a particularly aggressive fly buzzing my head, I am very much excited to talk about the video and , of course, the amazing Demon Boy. (that sounds like a Marvel superhero, doesn’t it? Someone get me Stan Lee on the phone….)

The video is directed by Joe Seconi, Brian Enright, Luis Valentin, and Demon Boy. Demon Boy has been very prolific on YouTube, producing tons of creepy videos featuring himself and the varied characters that make up his band.

[springboard type=”video” id=”1657777″ player=”horn005″ width=”480″ height=”400″ ]

This is a hard rock cover of a song by Miley Cyrus. I wasn’t familiar with the original so I looked that up. In the original video, Miley is running from supernatural papparazzi who manifest at every turn. In this version, Demon Boy and his cast of characters are fighting their way through a zombie infestation and we have a “fly’s eye view” of the struggle.

The video was filmed at NYZ Apocalypse, a live action interactive zombie survival experience. If you aren’t familiar, basically you get handed a lazer tag gun and are left to your own defenses to shoot your way out of a zombie infested bunker. I actually did one in Orlando Florida last year and its really fun. The video also features make up and creature effects by GutRot Effects, a special effects company that provides services to film, theater, and television productions. Their website was down at the time of this writing, but I do believe they are based in New York.

This is fun stuff all the way, folks! If you’re a fan of Miley (or not). you’ll dig this unique take on the song and video. Demon Boy has a way of making things his own and this is no exception.

Just in time for Halloween, I give you FLY ON THE WALL by Demon Boy. Enjoy!


  1. AWESOME!!!!

  2. Killer Video and write up!


  4. Very Cool! Love this video and the article was Great!

  5. If your a fan of the horror world, this is another video and soundtrack to add to the collection!
    ….and they say the dead never awake…


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