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Home | American Shock and Horror Rock Titan “DEMON BOY” Releases his new Music Video for MY COFFIN.

American Shock and Horror Rock Titan “DEMON BOY” Releases his new Music Video for MY COFFIN.

OM friggin Dog! Here he is again, the amazing Demonboy!!

For those of you not familiar with this freakshow, The Demonboy Band is a mobile Halloween rock and roll show. If you’ve been following my columns and reviews here for a while, you may recall an interview I did at Rock The Dead 2 with The Demon Boy. Inspired by shock rockers such as Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson, Demon Boy has evolved the genre into an interactive rock and roll experience that is unique among many bands playing around today. His shows are like a haunted attraction, full of special effects and monsters and really rocking tunes.

Demon Boy has been very prolific on YouTube, producing tons of creepy videos featuring himself and the varied characters that make up his band.

Well, today I have the privilege of bringing you an exclusive look at their newest music video MY COFFIN. Filmed at the Chamber of Horrors NY haunted attraction, and directed by Robert Frankenberg, Demon Boy brings us a gory yet catchy tune of horror.

All the usual freaks and geeks are in attendance, including a morbidly wonderful performance by the beautiful Swordsha Black Knives. She is so incredible in their live show, playing the foil to the Demon Boy’s rampant ego, and in this video she is simply stunning.

In addition to the lovely Swordsha, Demonboy has a new thrall – a dancer called simply Purple. Guys, let me tell you…if you can’t find something to look at in this video, you have lost your man card. Seriously. You need to mail it in, ok?

This video is like potato chips. I just can’t stop watching it. So much fun, so much gore, it’s just a blast.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you MY COFFIN by Demon Boy. Enjoy!


Shot at The Chamber Of Horrors NY Haunt – Demon Boy Unveils yet another Fierce Heart Pounding Faster than Light Music Video sure to get you on your feet and Screaming for Mercy!

With a new album on the way called WRONG SIDE OF THE GRAVE United States concerts beginning March 30th in Providence Rhode Island at Club Alchemy and a tour of the UK coming in Fall 2018 This will truly be the Year Of the Demon!

Watch for more Songs and Videos from the new album “Wrong Side of The Grave” to be released over the next several months, So Come and Get Your Ghoul On with the one and Only Amazing Demon Boy!

http://www.chamberofhorrorsny.com/                                                        http://demonboyband.com/

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