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Magazine Review: SCREAM – The Horror Magazine – Issue 33

Issue 33
Editor: Rich Cooper
Publisher: Scream Magazine
Price: Digital $1.99 US £1.29 UK €1.76 EUR – Print £4.50 UK $8.99 US
Bi – Monthly

Scream’s latest issue offers a heck of a lot of value for the entry price, thanks to a slew of great features on horror titles old and new and a very nicely designed interior.

Features in this current issue include a piece on Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, one on The Hallow with director Corin Hardy, a look back at the making of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, an interview with Daniel Radcliffe on the Victor Frankenstein release, a feature on the edgy new horror flick BITE and more. As with the previous issue, the quality of the content is of a consistently high standard.

IMG_20151108_105340Aided by the very professional layout and design of the magazine, it’s reassuring to know new and classic horror movies and culture are in safe hands. Also covered are Tremors 5, Insidious 3, Antisocial 2, Hannibal and Psycho, alongside usual slew of DVD/Blu Ray reviews, Games reviews, scene news and more.

Clearly very much a labour of love for those involved, this issue sees the beginning of a brand new column on Home-grown UK horror movies, the first of which focuses on the new movie SEIZE THE NIGHT.

It’s good to see some lower budget fare getting some exposure amidst the classics and the cutting edge, as it helps to nicely balance things for the readership. It works really well, and no generation of horror fan is left feeling left out. It’s one of those golden issues where there’s something for everyone to check out no matter your horror interest.


IMG_20151108_105334Both the glossy physical version and the digital version of the magazine pop with the same strong design and clear images. The highlights for me thisissue are the candid chat with Daniel Radcliffe about his time on Victor Frankenstein and the wonderful Dracula making-of piece, both of which are well written and thoroughly entertaining examples of quality genre journalism.

SCREAM understands its audience, and although the print version of the magazine may not be available all that readily in the States, the digital version’s availability ensures that readers around the world will be able to sample one of the best cult film magazines on the planet. Get your fix.


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