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Shriekfest Announces its first surge of films for 2015!

SHRIEKFEST INTERNATIONAL HORROR/SCIFI FILM FESTIVAL is thrilled to announce its first surge of films for the FIFTEENTH annual festival!  Shriekfest brings you the BEST in independent horror and scifi!  “We are so excited for our 15th year and this slate of films!” says festival director Denise Gossett.
GRANNY OF THE DEAD: Directed by Tudley James.  In a small town unknowing and free from betrayal, an evil is looming to rewrite their tale. From deep within hell a curse rises up, to strike down the old and never give up. The elderly dead will smell blood in the air, eating flesh of the young and the world will despair.   

6:15: Directed by Ben and Oliver Samuels.  A zombie film with a new twist! This one was shot in first-person POV and in one continuous take!  Taking place in real time, the film features effects from three Face/Off contestants, and the movie stars Montana Marks (Camp Dread), Amy Rutledge (The Neighbor), Matt Riker (Splinter Cell: Extinction), Rosebud Baker (Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys), and Bradford How (MuchMusic VJ).
Landmine Goes Click:  Directed by Lavan Bakhia.  Three American tourists are backpacking through the countryside of European Georgia when one of them steps on an armed landmine. That is minor compared to the nightmare the rest of the afternoon brings.  Landmine stars Sterling Knight (“Melissa & Joey”), Spencer Locke (Resident Evil) and Dean Geyer (“Glee”).
Hunting: Directed by Dutch Marich.   Inspired by the real life game of “geocaching”, this riveting, slow-burn psychological thriller stars Dani Colleen Michael Mena.  She gets  introduced to a real life treasure hunting game that propels her out of the safety of her apartment. After a series of unsettling events, Casey begins to question if there is a real menace lurking in her presence. In a dramatic twist, her suspicions soon manifest into a waking hell that puts her face to face with her worst nightmare.
Chatter:  Directed by Matthew Solomon.  While monitoring Internet traffic for the Department of Homeland Security, Agent Martin Takagi comes across the intimate video chats of a couple, temporarily living in different parts of the world, who begin to discover their new home is haunted. Starring Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), Alison Haislip (Mega Shark vs. Kolossus,Freshwater) and Tohoru Masamune (Inception, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).
Shriekfest is Oct 1-4.  www.shriekfest.com

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