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Top Ten Exclusives For 2022 from HalloweenCostumes.com

HalloweenCostumes.com has once again teamed with Horrornews.net to bring you a preview of Exclusive costumes for the the 2022 Halloween season.

Wake The Dead
You’ve heard the phrase, “waking up the dead,” right? Normally it’s the kind of thing that old folks say about parties that are too loud. But on Dia de Los Muertos, you want to throw a party so epic that it actually does wake the dead. After all, the dead have been waiting all year for the holiday, so you’d better be in the celebration spirit, because you owe the deceased nothing less.

Sugar Skull Costume
What would you do if you had one night to visit the living as a soul that’s gone beyond the veil? This might seem like a strange query but it’s one worth considering. So many souls simply squander their first Day of the Dead when they could have been making the most of it. The souls get distracted by doing ghostly things like walking through walls and sending chills through the bodies of the living. The thing is, if a soul focuses and gets home on the Day of the Dead then they’ll be greeted with a wonderful feast and a party that’s just for them! Imagine sleeping for a year and waking up to see that your family hasn’t forgotten you. They’re waiting. The candles are lit, your favorite music is playing, your drink of choice is on the table. What a wonderful feeling! It would be a pity to spend the night playing deathly party tricks like floating into bank vaults and movie theaters instead.

Billy Butcherson Costume
Tell those average zombies that it is time to become a hero. Show them how when you slip into this officially licensed Billy Butcherson costume from Disney’s Hocus Pocus. This exclusive design resurrects your favorite zom-Billy so you can wiggle thy toes and open thine eyes in style. The costume begins with a period-appropriate cravat with a worn appearance. The shirt and jacket also feature worn designs so you’ll look recently awoken. The costume also includes a pair of sublimated socks, which are printed to look like bandages wrapping around your legs. The final piece to the outfit is the sunken mask, complete with Billy’s stitched mouth! The only thing you’ll be hunting, for now, is a trio of sisters (or a friendly black cat) to make the perfect Hocus Pocus group costume.


Grim Reaper
You’ll look chilling in this raggedy Grim Reaper costume that’s Made by Us. Our designers make sure our costumes are a step above the rest. Take the sleeves, for example. With layers of black gauze, your spooky pointing game will be stronger than ever. The layers go all the way up your arms for a stand-out smokey look. The hood has a veil to make your face extra mysterious. And finally, your hands will have a boney appearance with printed white bones on the top.

It’s time to answer the call. If you want to take a bite out of life, just like Sasquatch, then you’re ready to wear this officially licensed costume. It comes with a full-body jumpsuit, which is completely covered in a thick layer of brown faux fur. It also has a molded vinyl chest piece that boasts the look of Sasquatch’s sculpted muscles. Of course, it comes with a mask, which has realistic molded features and more faux fur. Then, to make your transformation complete, the costume comes with a pair of molded vinyl gloves and feet. When your wild side calls, you’ll be ready to answer it when you have this Jack Link’s Sasquatch Costume!


Red Gothic Wedding Dress
Nothing says gothic wedding quite like a dramatic red dress. The undead won’t know what hit ‘em when you start down the aisle in this gorgeous, high-quality gown! When you’re going to marry to the ghost with the most you’ll look your best in this Red Gothic Wedding Dress Costume! It’s a look straight out of the 19th century, and you’ll be all set to walk down the aisle to the underworld with your wacky ghost husband!


There are a lot of ghosts out there. Yep, real ghosts. Wearing this costume to famous haunted spots such as The Tower of London or the Winchester House for some serious ghost hunting is sure to be a good laugh. Just be aware that no one will be very happy if you gather the infamous grey lady from the tower. Sure, she might be a ghost but she’s no Slimer, she’s a royal tourist attraction. When you’re a Ghostbuster, you not only have to answer the call but you also have to wait for it!


Cobra Kai
Suit up for your next karate championship (and championship win, of course) with this Karate Kid Adult Plus Authentic Cobra Kai Costume. The official, exclusive costume includes a shirt, pants, belt and headband. The wrap-around shirt ties at the waist and features printed Cobra Kai patches on the front and back. The pants have an elastic waist for comfy fit and also feature patches on the leg. There is also a matching headband with an embroidered patch.


Dreadful Nun
Take a nice long look at this Dreadful Nun Costume and just try to close your eyes in prayer. Don’t worry, we couldn’t either! There are some things that can’t be unseen. This demon-possessed nun is an image that sticks in the brain like a wooden stake in the heart of a vampire. Once it’s there, it’s there to stay. You’ll be the most frightening creature walking the streets this Halloween when you slip into this frayed nun gown. Truly become the nightmare with a demonic makeover. Then pop a pair of black contacts over your eyes and once the windows to your soul are hidden, this haunting transformation is completed. Carry around a bloody set of rosary beads and enjoy terrifying everyone when you begin to chant Latin phrases under your breath. Pig-Latin may work too, really any sort of nonsense phrases mixed with this dreadful appearance is sure to send anyone to the nearest cathedral in search of salvation.


Plague Doctor
Can you imagine what it must have been like during the dark ages? You know, when the plague spread across Europe? If the black death happened today we’d see brightly colored hazmat suits hurrying through the streets. However, in the dark ages, doctors hadn’t figured out the art of bedside manners and dressed in basically the scariest ensemble they could come up with. (Can you imagine a simple check up when your doctor is wearing this kind of getup)? Their mask had a dramatic beak filled with fragrant herbs to stop the bad air from sickening the physician. As a result, they looked a little like fancy gothic toucans. Turns out, the masks covering their faces may have been one of the only effective tricks in their book.

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