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Marketing Macabre Year In Review 2022

Marketing Macabre Year In Review 2022 

In January 2022 we started out with the announcement of HNN Presents: Rust Belt Driller DVD from Bayview Entertainment.

Renn Maxwell seems to have everything going for him. He has a manager that cares, he’s good enough at his craft (visual art) to have private gallery screenings. He seems to live in a nice looking house and he has a committed, streetwise, and beautiful partner in Carol. But Renn has been followed all his life by something dark. And now with the chaos of the modern world, and his own inner horrors, that evil has finally gotten close enough to reach out and touch. What follows in the next few days will paint the city of Buffalo, NY a whole new canvas, mostly flowing red.

In February 2022 we released the Official Poster for The Beast Comes at Midnight from Showtown American Pictures.

An outcast, teenage live streamer must enlist the help of four popular kids after he discovers that a werewolf is tracking one of them in their small rural town.

In March 2022 we featured Mark Allen’s werewolf novel, Blood Red Moon.

A series of particularly gruesome murders occurring in towns and cities around the Puget Sound in Washington State has the public on the verge of panic, with grotesque details of half-eaten bodies are splashed all over the news. The police are baffled. The forensics don’t make any sense, and the evidence points to something dangerous and malevolent than anything they have ever encountered. Pressured by the Mayor, they reach out for help.

In April 2022 Showtown American Pictures announced their next endeavor, Mario Cerrito’s The House In The Pines.

Somewhere deep in the woods in the Pine Barrons of New Jersey sits a house surrounded by evil. A group of high school friends set out on a fun-filled vacation only to watch their adventure become a hellish nightmare. They quickly find out there is no escape from The House In The Pines.

In May 2022 Bayview Entertainment released Back From Hell on DVD.

Six ex-classmates decide to spend some holidays together in a manor house in the countryside. Very soon, the jovial mood progressively deteriorates as strange paranormal phenomena start to happen.

Marketing Macabre recommends Steve Gray’s audio book Bestial from audible.

A small-town detective scrambles for clues in the wake of bizarre and grisly murders. The killings seem to be at the hand of a brutal, unhinged psychotic. His suspicions turn toward the town newcomer, who has been spending time with his daughter’s best friend. He races against time to discover the darkness behind these slayings, but it may not be what he expects.

And now a few words from Mormo Zine who brings us Confessions of a Psychotic Product Launcher

If you have ever thought of creating paid content online, or starting your own online business. I believe you will find great value in these letters. It’s hard NOT to walk away from them without learning something new. Some gold nugget, or new way of looking at things that will help you.

In June 2022 we promote the 10th Anniversary of Gregory Blair’s psychological thriller Deadly Revisions

Horror writer and filmmaker Grafton Torn awakens from a coma to find himself with a large section of his memory missing. To aide in the doctor’s orders of rest and relaxation, good friend Deter offers Grafton his remote lakeside cabin. There, with the help of a hypnotherapist and medication, Grafton tries to piece together the missing memories… Scrambling for answers, Grafton must face his own creations including a hooded figure, a possessed doll, a zombie and more, before DEADLY REVISIONS rushes to it’s shocking conclusion and Grafton realizes the line between reality and madness is as thin as a sheet of blank paper.

In July 2022 covers the world premiere of the cannibal cult classic sequel, Human Hibachi 2  at Playhouse West in Philadelphia, PA

Set in the deep woods, a cannibal family obsessed with the first “Human Hibachi” video have have made it their life’s mission to find the only two individuals left from it. If successful, they vow to provide them with the most elaborate feast imaginable.

In August 2022 the news hits that Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story beats The Blair Witch Project for Most Awards Won for a Found Footage Film

The film, “Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story” is a 2021 feature film exploring a documentary film crew’s efforts to make a movie detailing the 2013 alien abduction of Illinois resident Sean Miller. A five-day shoot turns into a life-changing experience for everyone involved as events spiral out of control.

In September 2022 Mahal Empire released the official trailer for Devil’s Knight.

In the medieval world of Veroka, monsters and demons alike roam and terrorize humankind. The Bone Devil has plagued the Kingdom of Remény for years. After a group of trackers fails to kill the creature, King Samuel decides to bring in an elite group of monster hunters. These hunters must use every skill they have obtained from around the globe to destroy this ancient evil. Will they be enough, or will the Bone Devil continue its reign of terror?

In October 2022 we released the official trailer for Thomas Walton’s Camp Pleasant Lake

An enterprising couple, ‘the Rutherfords’ who decide to open a horror camp on the abandoned camp property (Camp Pleasant Lake) where a young girl ‘Echo Meadows’ was kidnapped, and her parents were brutally murdered 20 years prior.

In November 2022 we cover the East Coast Premiere of Candy Land at New York City Horror Film Festival

A seemingly naive and devout young woman finds her way in the underground world of truck stop sex workers a.k.a. “lot lizards.”

In December 2022 we drop the news on FredHeads – A Nightmare on Elm Street Documentary coming to Bayview Entertainment.

The documentary follows a group whose friendships were formed and molded by A Nightmare on Elm Street. They venture out to share the stories of other fans of all ages from around the world whose lives were also changed by the horror film franchise.

This is just a taste of some of the press releases done by Marketing Macabre in 2022.   If anyone wants information in marketing opportunities, contact joyhorror@msn.com

Marketing Macabre – a horror public relations company created to give independent filmmakers an affordable alternative. We focus on the importance of publicity to gain momentum and we work with some of the biggest genre websites in the world. Our mission is to get your project in front of your audience, the horror public – the most devoted fan base in all of entertainment.

Our enhanced filmmaker services will supply you with everything needed on your cinematic journey from pre-production to post-production to distribution. We have forged relationships out of trust and loyalty with partners that stretch from Hollywood studios to distribution companies. In the evolution of horror, we have evolved from a marketing company to something more.

A creation born out of necessity and a genesis into a one-stop-horror-shop that offers not only marketing, but opportunities in brand development, film funding, and distribution. There are many complexities of making a feature film but our marketing militia will guide you on your journey and be your source to access the horror multiverse that is Marketing Macabre.

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