Podcast: Horror News Radio – Eps 25


FX Legend, Director Robert Kurtzman joins co-hosts Doc Rotten, Dave Dreher, Santos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr., Thomas Mariani and Vixen to discuss his new Haunted Attraction, Mad FX Lab, and his school the Kurtzman Institute of Art. Thomas offers up the recommendation this week, The East, and Dave once again delves into the horror news of the week. Doc has another exciting giveaway this week as well. Woot! Horror News Radio The Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast Episode 25 – Robert Kurtzman Interview … Continue reading

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TROLL HUNTER Remake In The Works – Neil Marshall To Direct

It has been bantered around for a while that an American version of the really popular and really well done Norwegian flick could be in the works and this week brought confirmation that 1492 Pictures has obtained the rights to film an American version of the film the bit of a surprise came when they announced the director. Neil Marshall the director behind one of my personal favorites horror films THE DESCENT is going to … Continue reading

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12 Bad Jokes About Troll Hunter

Troll Hunter (2010) is directed by Andre Ovredal and is the story of a university students filming the exploits of a man named Otto, who is involved in a clandestine government group. The group secretly protects the people of Norway, from giant Trolls . You know what ? I feel like investigating something myself .Let ‘ s see if we can put together a gigantic group of bad jokes! How about … 12 Bad Jokes … Continue reading

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Film Review: Troll Hunter (Trolljegeren) (2010)


SYNOPSIS: A group of three college filmmakers set out to investigate what appears to be an illegal bear hunting situation in the mountains and forests of Norway. What they discover instead is the gruff but quiet hunter Hans who reluctantly acquiesces to their accompanying him as he hunts something far more unlikely…and far more dangerous. REVIEW: Directed by Andre Overdal Written by Andre Overdal Starring: Otto Jespersen, Hans Morten Hansen and Tomas Alf Larsen I … Continue reading

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TrollHunter Trailer – bigger than life!


The Official Trailer for the much anticipated film TROLLHUNTER has been released and it looks pretty darn good. There seems to be some variety to the appearance of the trolls and their sizes range from huge and slow like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, to terrifyingly quick and two headed like something from out of a nightmare. Directed by André Øvredal, the film stars Otto Jespersen, Hans Morten Hansen, and Tomas Alf Larsen. About the … Continue reading

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Horror Gossip: 09.17.10


Oh! Good evening to all of you, my minions! As I belch these words out onto the net’ I feel my army growing ever so stronger…so much more aware of their wondrous leader (that would be me – Black Saint….remember)? And eagerly await whatever news he has for them with blood dripping from their canines & their bills for the month all paid up. No deadbeats in my army. We are getting stronger by the … Continue reading

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