Film Review: Insanity (short film) (2002)


SYNOPSIS: A predator… A lonely woman… A rape… A murder…


Film Review: Le Sang Du Chatiment (short film) (2005)


SYNOPSIS: From the depths of the Argentine forest, striking in the heart of the city, death is on the prowl…leaving its victims bloodless! A real nightmare, especially for the forensic in charge, more and more concerned by the murders, up to the point to relive them as hallucinatory flashbacks…His own demons waiting, ready to spill the blood of retribution. REVIEW: When a local stripper is found dead after an evening session, a forensic doctor by … Continue reading

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Film Review: Miahsm (short film) (2010)


REVIEW: While 4 minutes isn’t very long to make a point. This short embraces the concept of science fiction with its magnificent little animation piece. Our alien focal point, an abstract female being, drudges her way thru an ash-covered world. The ashes threaten to engulf her as she steps her way forward. Thought equipped with what I’ll refer to as “head wings”, she is in fact on the brink of rebirth which is staged perfectly … Continue reading

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Film Review: Dolorosa (short film) (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Between these walls, time seems to have stopped. Days, weeks, months maybe, the Young woman doesn’t know for how long she has been trapped in there. Alone and desperate, with no one but this gloved hand that brings her food each day and caresses her sometimes at night…her last link with the world of the living. And the demons of her past REVIEW: Beautifully shot, you are taken instantly into a dark world where … Continue reading

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