Film Review: Zombie Dawn (2011)


SYNOPSIS: The military calls upon a group of mercenaries and scientists to assist investigations on a mysterious epidemic on an isolated mining region. Theirs is a terrifying journey of death and betrayal. REVIEW: Oh my god, it’s a low budget horror movie with subtitles, crap on a stick! Now I have to pay attention AND I have to read, are you kidding me? Here’s some advice to filmmakers regardless of your budget – dub. Spend … Continue reading

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‘Sendero’ independent Chilean Thriller Debuts First Trailer


Sendero, the new independent chilean thriller, shows its first teaser Sendero, the horror/survival chilean film directed by Lucio A Rojas, tells the story of Ana, a university student who, along with her friends, go to spend a weekend to a relative’s country house located in the central zone of Chile. During the trip, these young people will be kidnapped by a weird family who are working for an organized group belonging to the highest political … Continue reading

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