Comic Review: Hotwire – Requiem for the Dead – Issue 1


HOTWIRE: REQUIEM FOR THE DEAD #1 (COMIC) Written by Steve Pugh and Warren Ellis Art by Steve Pugh Published by Radical Publishing Publication Date: 2009 Format: Color – 28 pages Price: $2.99 Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead has a very cool premise. It is like if Ghostbusters was a serious science-fiction film. Alice Hotwire is a detective for the Necromancy division of the police force. The spirits of the dead have stopped crossing over and … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Hotwire – TPB


HOTWIRE – TPB Writer: Steven Pugh Creator: Warren Ellis Publisher: Radical Publishing Publication Date: 2010 Format: Color – 136 pages Price: $14.95 For creators Warren Ellis and Steve Pugh, this series is a labor of love. This shows in the fine detail artwork lush in perspective, grandiose creatures and one hot little lady named Hotwire. She rides a motorcycle, plays by the rules and is considered an exorcist detective. At curren,t a ghost entity called … Continue reading


Book Review: HotWire – Deep Cut – Issue 2


Get ready for issue 2 as the world of Hotwire spins further into astral obscurity with a ghost filled word gone wild. Alice Hotwire is finally making a connection with the local police, after saving them from a nasty spectral cop killer. Things though are about to get much more interesting as we find out that a device exists called the “soul eater” can obliterate souls from existence. Yep ghost or no ghosts this could … Continue reading

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Book Review: Hotwire – Deepcut – Issue 1


Looks like Alice Hotwire is back!  After living a recluse for 6 months and recovering from her spout with the “blues”, she is needed back on the force to deal with these ramped ghosts and specters. It also seems she has been keeping company with an old boyfriend  “blue” who really is against all she stands for. Being super smart has been somewhat of a curse for Alice who takes meds to dumb herself down … Continue reading

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