Death Walks Wraps – Bringing A horror Legend And Children’s TV Star With It

In June 2013 Brentwood based Spencer Hawken announced his intention to create a zero budget horror movie, the movie would not have a cheap look and feel, and would break all the rules when it came to zombie movies. When work began Spencer had no names to attach to his picture, by completion he had several. Death Walks is based in an East London shopping centre, on the night of a massive street party strange … Continue reading

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Shopping Center Zombie Attacks with DEATH WALKS


Death Walks is a zombie movie with a difference. Taking a zombie invasion into a UK shopping centre, it would be very easy to tell a traditional zombie tale, and take a leaf out of the book of Dawn Of The Dead. But the movies creators are adamant despite what it might seem, that Death Walks is unlike any other zombie film we have ever seen. Set during the midnight hours, Death Walks tells the … Continue reading

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