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Film Review: Blade II (2002)

Blade II poster 1

SYNOPSIS: “A rare mutation has occurred within the vampire community. The Reaper. A vampire so consumed with an insatiable bloodlust that they prey on vampires as well as humans, transforming victims who are unlucky enough to survive into Reapers themselves. Now their quickly expanding population threatens the existence of vampires, and soon there won’t be enough humans in the world ...

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β€˜BLADE: THE ANIME’ Takes on Vampires in Japan


Blade is back! Once again the human/vampire hybrid is battling a vampire army hell bent on taking over the world. The new anime from Madhouse (SUPERNATURAL: THE ANIMATION) will be based on the popular Blade franchise and is a part of a partnership with Marvel Comics that will bring four other popular superhero comics to Japan in anime form. Voiced ...

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