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SCHERZO DIABOLICO On VOD and Digital Platforms May 3rd


A desperate man is pushed to take an extreme action to alter his life, but it may turn out to be the worst decision he’s ever made. The shocking SCHERZO DIABOLICO, the new film from horror maestro Adrián García Bogliano, will be available on VOD and Digital HD platforms on May 3, 2016. With SCHERZO DIABOLICO, the prolific and wildly …

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Boggy Creek Bigfoot Documentary Begins Production


The first documentary feature film to tackle the true story behind the classic horror film, The Legend of  Boggy Creek, is about to begin production in southern Arkansas. The film is titled Boggy Creek Monster  and will focus on the history of Bigfoot sightings in and around the community of Fouke. Delving into  both the classic sightings that inspired the …

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DMR Launches Two OTT Channels


Digital Media Rights (DMR) announced today the relaunch of two popular over-the-top channels featuring new branding and a 75% increase in new content.  Midnight Pulp is a popular over-the-top channel featuring highly curated genre films and television programs specializing in horror, cult, paranormal, sci-fi and action.  Asian Crush is a popular over-the-top channel featuring one of the largest selections of …

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Trailer: Savage Love (2012)

Savage Love (2012) Trailer.mp4.0019

Two gangsters roam through the province and commemorate their reunion with a visit to a brothel on the green meadow. What neither they nor most of the other guests suspect is that the brothel is a trap set by none other than Satan’s daughter. The 666 victims are needed and wanted to make the day complete. But the people have …

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Trailer: Monsters (Asian) (2015) Teaser

Monsters (2015) (asian) Trailer.mp4.0017

Human indifference mean single real estate sales executives should kai (Liu decoration) with a customer reading a set of real estate under construction, found himself another cell phone forgotten in the showroom, she returned alone to find, just enter the elevator, suddenly heard a loud noise front, the building collapsed, elevator crashed …… wake up from a coma to be …

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Trailer: Fight Valley (2016)

Fight Valley (2016) Trailer.mp4.0017

When Tory Coro is found dead in the streets of Fight Valley her sister Windsor moves to the town to begin her own investigation. There she meets Jabs, the most feared and respected ex-fighter around. Windsor realizes to survive in the town she will have to fight. Under the training of Jabs, Windsor is determined to come face-to-face with Tory’s …

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Trailer: Sickness House (2006)

Sickness House (2006) Trailer.mp4.0003

A group of friends get together for a New Year’s Eve party without any idea that they may be trapped there longer than they expected when the house they’re in is quarantined with them all inside. Who could know that one of them is carrying a deadly disease?

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Film Review: Nekro (short film) (1998)


SYNOPSIS: ‘Nekro’ is a 1998 short film that has little in the way of plot and virtually no dialogue. What it does have is probably the most powerful 18 minutes of horror cinema you’re ever likely to see…and some! REVIEW: Another short film today, folks, and I have no idea what to say about this one. We have NEKRO (1998). …

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Film Review: Bridgeblood (short film) (2002)


SYNOPSIS: Five friends gather as every evening under a bridge. One day they are deciding how to hang out and inadvertently find themselves in a slaughter that has them protagonists. REVIEW: More short films, Kiddies! Today we have BRIDGEBLOOD (2002) from Terror Team Productions & Eskoria Films. I know, right? I’ve gotten a lot from this group lately. But to …

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Trailer: Most Dangerous Game (2015)

Most Dangerous Game (2015) Trailer.mp4.0011

Rick Rainsford is trapped on a deserted island with his reluctant companion, Anna. While attempting to save another gravely injured survivor they find themselves hunted by Zaroff, a sociopathic ex-KGB Agent long with his partner Ivan. In spite of their differences Rick and Anna must work together to disarm Zaroff’s deadly traps, survive his assistant’s brutal attacks, and escape the …

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Film Review: Metal Creepers (short film) (2011)


SYNOPSIS: A popular glam metal band is in the recording studio preparing his next album. Its producer gives them some strange scores that are supposed to have magical powers. REVIEW: Yet another short film, kiddies, and this one was a riot! Today we have METAL CREEPERS, a combined effort from Eskoria Films and La Oscura Ceremonia Productions. The film was …

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RLJ Entertainment’s Acquires THE MIND’S EYE


RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) has acquired all North American rights to the thriller, THE MIND’S EYE. Written and directed by Joe Begos, the film reunites him with his ALMOST HUMAN film star Graham Skipper, along with cast members Lauren Ashley Carter (Premium Rush, The Woman), John Speredakos (The House of the Devil), and Noah Segan (Some Kind of Hate, Looper).  RLJE plans to release THE MIND’S EYE in theaters and On Demand later this year.  Mark Ward, RLJ Entertainment’s Chief Acquisitions Officer, made the announcement …

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