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Sam Raimi Hits the World of R.L. Stine


Drag Me To Hell and the Evil Dead Director, Sam Raimi has chosen another horrific project based on the amazingly creepy R.L. Stine series, in which he along with Ghost House Pictures have acquired the R.L. Stine novel “The Sitter” and plan to turn it into a movie called “The Au Pair”. Yes that’s french! The film will follow a young woman who runs from a troubled relationship by spending a fun-filled, romantic summer as … Continue reading

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And the ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Update Is Here And Back On Track


Remember awhile back when this story surfaced about whether or not there would even BE another Ghostbusters movie, due to all the controversies surrounding the main cast, especially the infamous Bill Murray who was actually called an “asshole” by Sigourney Weaver, and the on again off again news that there will be a third film? Well, all of that stuff did in fact happen, and Ghostbusters 3 is finally moving forward with even bigger news … Continue reading

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A New Hi-Def TV Spot Trailer For ‘Paranormal Activity 2′

Here’s another look at Paranormal Activity 2, that hits theaters in two weeks from tonight, but this time we get a much bigger view of the house and all the hauntings going on inside it.

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Things Get Bloody During ‘My Soul To Take’ Premiere

It seems as though the marketing department from Wes Craven’s ‘My Soul To Take’ decided to take their promotion of the film to a pretty intense level with a fake stabbing scenario. Find out who wins or maybe loses or perhaps none of the above below.

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Rob Zombie Goes to the Extreme On ABC This Halloween


This year, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will get a little cooler for Halloween when the legendary dark rock star, Rob Zombiem heads to Oregon in which he has signed up for a project to help with the design and construction of a haunted house for the Oregon School For The Deaf, and use the money raised during the season for their school. ABC also constructed brand new dorm rooms for the Salem, Oregon, school. … Continue reading

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I Spit on Your Grave – a Second Chance for Unrated Horror?


Go back in time one week. The online horror community was buzzing with support to get out to the theater and see the historic UNRATED release of Adam Green’s Hatchet 2. Fans blogged and vlogged and tweeted how this would be our chance to rise up and show the movie business that there was demand for unrated horror. 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams director Tim Sullivan sent out a letter to several news outlets pleading … Continue reading

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Steve Alten’s New book “Grim Reaper” Mid – October release



Four time New York Times Best selling author Steve Alten pens a new series titled “GRIM REAPER: END OF DAYS” (VARIANCE, October 2010) inspired by Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, one of the most revered works in literature. Divided into three distinct parts (Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven) the poem describes Dante’s journey through Hell, depicted as … Continue reading

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The Haunted Boy, The Secret Diary of The Exorcist.

Spooked TV and The Booth Brothers as seen on SyFy – NBC-Universal are currently in St. Louis promoting their new paranormal film, The Haunted Boy, The Secret Diary of The Exorcist, which is based on the infamous, true story behind the terrifying, bestselling book and motion picture, “The Exorcist.” The filmmakers, twin brothers Christopher and Philip Booth have spent two years documenting and filming their latest … Continue reading

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“Electric Chair” (1985) Coming to DVD – October 19


A true lost treasure of New York City filmmaking at its most inspired, sarcastic and dark.
Noir-laced with shades of both Scorsese and Jarmusch.

Directed by Mark Eisenstein

“Electric Chair” – a Bukowski-inspired tale from the New York underground – is a lost independent film, recently unearthed by Wild Eye Releasing and distributed by MVD Entertainment Group. It was originally a one man show that played off Broadway. Initially, Harvey Keitel … Continue reading

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The Exorcist – Extended Directors Cut arrives for download on Itunes


THE EXORCIST: THE Director’s CUT with Bonus Extras will be exclusively available For Download only on iTunes starting October 5: http://bit.ly/WBDD_EXORCIST

This Halloween relive the fright of one of the most powerful films ever made with all-new bonus content available for the first time ever anywhere.

The all-new bonus features include revealing set footage produced and photographed by cinematographer Owen Roizman, as well as camera and makeup tests, interviews with … Continue reading

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Why Horror? An Indie Filmmaker’s Perspective on the Horror Genre


Every year, hundreds of people enter the world of independent filmmaking. Many focus their attention on short films first, learning their craft over a series of five to fifteen minute long flirtations with the camera. The form and structure of short film gives the would-be director an avenue to pursue his dreams in a relatively low-investment, low-risk environment. Short films are relatively inexpensive to make, and relatively quick to produce. Some can even be completed … Continue reading

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List: 5 Movies for your Halloween Playlist

The Church

Every October, I struggle with what I should watch. There is so much good (and bad) stuff out there, that you have to choose wisely with the free time you have. So, I have decided to share a few of my designated titles for this year’s watching.

“The Church”

When I was around twelve-years-old, the image of Baphomet having sex with a woman in a huge gothic cathedral was burned into my mind. … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential – Horrors exclusive paranormal column


Enter, Discover, and Believe
Horrornews.net breaks the file wide open with X facts and fringe inside Unexplained Confidential.

Our supernatural articles will haunt you with information on ghost hunting and paranormal investigations. We ask the questions that society is afraid to. We get the answers that our government won’t admit to. Breaking news with the latest on UFO crashes, Alien Abductions, Conspiracy Theories, Parallel Universes, Poltergeists, Cryptozoology, and beyond.

Unexplained Confidential is our … Continue reading

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Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho 50th Anniversary Edition


See Alfred Hitchcock’s Masterpiece Debuting on Blu-ray™ Hi-Def and Featuring 5.1 Surround Sound for the First Time Ever


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Bait 3D: No more sharks for Russell!


According to the Caleel Agency, Kimble Rendall will replace Russell Mulcahy as the director for Arclight Films’Bait 3D. On the casting side of the fence Jesse Spencer was originally attached to star withpreviousoffers out to both Xavier Samuel (The Loved Ones, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) and Julian McMahon (Faces in the Crowd, “Nip/Tuck”). No word on if any of this has changed.

“In a sleepy coastal resort community, shoppers at an underground … Continue reading

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Film Review: S&Man (2006)



Exploring the parallels between film making and voyeurism, director J.T. Petty aims his camera at the world of underground horror films, interviewing scream queens and scholars and finding one auteur whose snuff series seems all too convincing. This thought-provoking documentary constantly compels viewers to question whether the grisly images they’re watching are the real deal or elaborate fakes — and whether Petty himself has ulterior motives.


Hello to all … Continue reading

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Book Review: Breaking News – Author N.J. Hallard


Zombies. Dirty, filthy, rotting corpses lumbering around feasting our brains. They have become pop icons and have spawned countless movies, comic books and novels. It is difficult to find anything on the subject that is unique. Breaking news by N.J. Hallard is one of those few exceptions. For starters the novel takes place in the United Kingdom and follows a husband, wife and several friends as they fight for survival. They are … Continue reading

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Book Review: Johnny Halloween – Author Norman Partridge


Johnny Halloween: Norman Partridge

“Norman Partridge’s Halloween novel, Dark Harvest, was chosen as one of Publishers Weekly’s 100 Best Books of 2006. A Bram Stoker Award winner and World Fantasy nominee, Partridge’s rapid-fire tale of a small town trapped by its own shadows welcomed a wholly original creation, the October Boy, earning the author comparisons to Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, and Shirley Jackson.

Halloween night awaits. Join a … Continue reading

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Blood Fare: J.A. Steel news! – Wraps On “Blood Fare” Principal Photography

On October 3, 2010, J.A. Steel, the award winning female writer and director, wrapped on principal photography of her fourth feature film “Blood Fare”. 

Today, Tunis Productions, Inc. publishes the first “Blood Fare” stills set “Ladies Of Blood Fare” featuring Tyler (Brandi Lynn Anderson from the upcoming Syfy original series “ZEROS”), Summer (Savannah Ostler – “Vengance”), Kayla  (Bridget McManus – “Wanted”) and the murdered Andrea (Livia Danton). 

“Blood Fare” (http://bloodfare.warriorentertainment.com) is a Civil War ghost … Continue reading

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The Dark Lurking: DVD October 12th


Aash Aaron, Philippe Deseck, Ozzie Devrish, Anthony Edwards (no, not Gilbert), Dirk Foulger, Bret Kennedy, Tonia Renee, Cassia Rosenstraus, Roslyn van Doorn and Davyd all star in The Dark Lurking. 2017 – when Something has gone terribly wrong at Outpost 30, a secret international research facility, one mile beneath a remote part of the Earth’s surface.

All communications are gone, all means of escape destroyed and an extremely dangerous … Continue reading

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Hellraiser: Revelations – A peek at the new pinhead


Hellraiser: Revelations follows two friends who unleash Pinhead, who becomes their master of pain. Apparently, one of the friends has a change of heart. He backs out on his oathhopingto swap himself out with one of his friend’s family members. Steve kicks off the mayhem while on a backpacking trip in Mexico with his friend Nico.

On their trip the duo are presented with a choice to “experience a … Continue reading

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