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Spawns of Satan


Children are supposed to be joyous miracles of life. They are cute, funny, and usually the best company to keep. No one associates kids with evil or the devil. They are pure and the epitome of all that is good in the world. Too bad the horror industry didn’t get that memo. Writers have no problem transforming an angelic child into an evil being with no regard for goodness and morality.

The children of darkness … Continue reading

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Book Review: Zombie Bomb – Dead not Dead



Creators: Lance Erlick, Joe Haley, Shawn McManus, Matt Talbot, Anthony Schiavino, Jason Copland, Jack Herman, Neil Vokes, Matty Field, Ed Foster, Steven Finch, Jerry Morrissette, Tony Donley, Narek Gevorgian, Steve Jones, Veronica Hebard, Matt Roberts, Olli Hihnala, Tomm Cokers, Joshua Morrissette, Dean Beattie, Paul Maybury, Tom Whalens, Joshua Andrew Belanger, Geoff Mosse, Lawrence Basso, Jamie Head, Rich Woodall, Adam Miller
Edited & Art Directed: Adam … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Lost Tribe (2009)



After a devastating boat crash, a group of friends are stranded on an uncharted island where they encounter an ancient tribe of humanoid creatures.

Tis the season for being lost on an island, with predators in the trees and folks getting eaten alive. Yep, I’m talking about the new release of the film “The Lost Tribe”. There is no getting around the familiarities, that … Continue reading

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Interview: John Saxon


It’s me The Black Saint again reporting from The Creation “Weekend Of Horrors” with more interviews from the show. Unfortunately your favorite deity had himself a long night last night & was on a bender with some of the other attendees (Great people by the way). So I woke up with a bit of a headache & A sour stomach. But f*ck that noise! I’m here to let you know what’s going … Continue reading

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Book Review: Watchmen – The Art of the Film – Author Peter Aperlo


Like other fantastic books by Titan, this large hard covered volume is no exception. It’s  brilliantly constructed with a whole lotta of coolness going on. The Watchmen in itself was a pretty inspiringly odd film. It is superhero fan fare presented from a different era with a different take on life from within the comic book galaxy. As I reviewed the book, it was very clear that “Watchmen” is in a world … Continue reading

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A Serbian Film: British film festival cuts entry


Bournemouth Council change minds at last minute, days before festival starts…

Bournemouth Council approved the British Horror Film Festival to show any films it chose, with the understanding that the event was a strictly over 18’s event. This was back in September. Yesterday the council have changed their minds and announced that ‘A Serbian Film’ will only be approved to be shown once it is certificated by the BBFC.

The festival … Continue reading

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Film Review: Patient X (2009)

Patient X halloween movie


After twenty years, local police captures the murderer of the older brother of a young boy. Now a doctor, he must go back to his old town and face the murderers himself. He then discovers that the murderers are Aswang (folkloric Filipino vampire-like creatures) and they pose a deadly threat not only to him but also for the entire town.


“Patient X” is a horror … Continue reading

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Film Review: Must Love Death (2009)



Disappointed by love, suicidal Norman arranges to meet some like-minded people. But when he arrives at the meeting the alleged suicides turn out to be unscrupulous killers looking for a willing victim. A comical and macabre fight against death begins.


“Must Love Death” is an incredibly uneven film. From the opening frames, everything jumps around in a way that I’m not sure quite worked for what it … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of History Repeating?

If we look at today’s horror output from major Hollywood studios we must ask the question “Is Hollywood making the same mistakes it has before?”

A quick glance at movies currently in production shows a terribly high number of remakes and sequels, (monikered as ‘franchises’ by production companies) much to the dismay of many horror fans.

It seems like major studios have bombarded us with unoriginal ideas for many a year now. Yet, we know … Continue reading

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Office Workers VS. Zombies


Pitting the all consuming ravenous wandering sensibilities of the office worker against the metaphorical embodiment of their undead doppelgangers is like watching cannibals eating cannibals. I am only left with imagery at this point…picture a sea of identical cubicles, each trying to be unique but intrinsically being the same thing. It is the battle of one thing knowing what it is, and the other, trying to dress like it … Continue reading

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Film Review: Death Tube (aka -Satsujin Douga Site) (2010)




DVD release of thriller film “Satsujin Douga Site Death Tube” directed by Yohei Fukuda of “OneChanbara (Chambara Beauty).” One day, Satoshi Inoue visits a site named Death Tube, which delivering murder videos. At a later date, he is placed under confinement in a room appearing on Death Tube and meets a manager of the site Ponkichi. And then horrible murder game begins.


I wonder if You … Continue reading


Book Review: Zombies – A Field Guide to the Walking Dead – Author Bob Curran


by Bob Curran , Ian Daniels (Illustrator)
Published by New Page Books
Publication Date: 2008
Format: Black /White – 220 pages
Price: $10.19

Bob Curran is a busy guy, with several releases under his belt, the one thing Bob has spent time with is the undead. Not literally so much as his passion for research and historically studies. … Continue reading

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Film Review: My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done (2009)




 Inspired by a true crime, a man begins to experience mystifying events that lead him to slay his mother with a sword.


Director – Werner Herzog
Starring – Michael Shannon, Willem Dafoe, Chloe Sevigny

From film auteur Werner Herzog comes a haunting portrayal of one man’s descent into madness and murder. David Lynch was the executive producer and maybe that tells you all you need … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Wild Man of The Navidad (2008)



From the journals of Dale S. Rogers comes a true story about what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you. Of course it could be the other way around you see he has bit the hand of the one that he feeds, and well now it’s pretty darn angry.


Directed by: Duane Graves and Justin Meeks
Starring: Justin Meeks, Tony Wolford, Bob Wood, William McBride

“History … Continue reading

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Film Review: Trailer Park of Terror (2008)



After getting in a crash that left their bus disabled, 6 teens and their pastor try find refuge in a abandoned trailer park. But when they realize they have walked straight into a zombie pit, refuge will be the only thing they didn’t find. Based on the Imperium Comic Series.

Nichole Hiltz – Norma
Ed Corbin – Stank
Lew Temple – Marv
Myk Watford – … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Tournament (2009)



Every seven years in an unsuspecting town, The Tournament takes place. A battle royale between 30 of the world’s deadliest assassins. The last man standing receiving the $10,000,000 cash prize and the title of Worlds No 1, which itself carries the legendary million dollar a bullet price tag.


Tournament is a blast!. Much in the same spirit of older films such as “Blood Sport” “Running Man” and “Death Race”, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Warlash Dark Noir (TPB)


Written by Frank Forte
Artwork by zymon Kudranski (Illustrator), Marcin Ponomarew (Illustrator), Steve Mannion (Illustrator), Bruno Werneck (Illustrator)
Published by Asylum Press

Publication Date: 2008
Format: Color / B&w – 56 pages
Price: $3.95

Warlash is somewhat of a warrior, policeman, defender and all around bad ass. His tales usually consist of taking out demons and monster scum that cross his path. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Warlash Dark Noir – Issue 3

Warlash_ Dark Noir_3

Written by Frank Forte, Royal McGraw
Artists: Szymon Kudranski, Frank Forte, Aly Fell, J.C.Wong
Letters: Frank Forte, Royal McGraw
Editor: Elizabeth J. Musgrave
Published by Asylum Press

Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color / B&w – 48 pages
Price: $2.95

Rocket’s Red Scare” pits Warlash against a biogenetically engineered villain who goes by the name of Trotsky De Sade, the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Warlash Dark Noir – Issue 2


Written by Frank Forte
Cover painted by BRUNO WERNECK
Published by Asylum Press
Publication Date: 2008
Format: Color / B&w – 48 pages
Price: $2.95

Warlash is back with a vengeance. Carrying over from last issue we pretty much have a full does of intense battles and monster … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: We Kill Monsters – Issues 1-2


Story: Christopher Leone, Laura Harkom
Writer: Christopher Leone
Pencils: Brian Churilla
Inks: Hilary Barta, Brian Churilla
Colors: Ronda Pattison
Letters: Jeff Powell
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Publication Date: 2008
Format: Full Color – 40 (#1), 28 (#2,3)
Price: $3.50

“Two unassuming auto repair shop owners discover that monsters are infesting the world. When they … Continue reading

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Infected: Lily Haze tells all – Scream Queen lowdown


When discussing her debut role in INFECTED, Lily Haze’s enthusiasm proves contagious!
Can the actress/writer survive a zombie epidemic?

Michael Madsen (RESERVOIR DOGS, KILL BILL), William Forsythe (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS), and Christy Carlson Romano (MIRRORS 2) all have something in common; they are trying to keep their distance from the INFECTED, a breed of non-generic zombies born from a parasitic “tick” virus. One of the rustic hamlet’s populace, formerly a gorgeous, … Continue reading

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